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I am new to scrapbooking. I had my first baby a little boy. I started putting together his album. Standard 12 by 12 book. It had a clear cover on it to protect it. It also has a place to insert a photo. So I did put a baby photo on the front, put lettering around the photo.... and then my crazy cats got in the room and had a dance party on top of it. Literally tore holes in the cover. So the actual book is fine, but I need a new clear cover to protect it. Can't seem to find them anywhere! Yet they come standard with most scrapbooks. I would hate to buy a whole another scrap book just for the cheap clear cover, help!

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Honestly, I'm not sure you can buy a cover. I don't think it's meant to be permanent and if you add pages and think ness, it will no longer fit. I've even had them split open when I did want to keep it on.

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Pick up some clear vinyl at a houseware or hardware store that sells it by the yard. Measure it against the torn cover and cut to size and shape. Use glue or tape to close up the flaps, or get seam binding and stitch it together. It will end up being stronger and better than the original.

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Yes, I'd do what Solitaire said. Just cover the front cover. And if you want to back to be shiny too, do the same there. But don't bother trying to cover the spine, because as Vicki said, it will stretch as you add more pages, and won't fit any more. Con-Tact make acid-free self-adhesive clear book cover material.

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here are a couple ideas...can you take a 12x12 size page protector & slip on each might hold in place pretty well without adhering... it might be close in size to the covers. if it messes up it is cheap to replace.We are memory keepers is a good thick brand. WRMK I use them. there are 12x12 boxes out there that would hold the album while you are not using it. some companies do have boxes that hold their albums but I do not remember who does.

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