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Hi, I have the Making Memories paper cutter and was reading elsewhere that others had the issue of the grid lines wearing off. Mine is doing the same and has been, but I just assumed that was normal. I've heard of some folks getting them replaced. However, was Making Memories sold or something? I can't find a site for them.

The paper cutter I'm talking about is the big silver and black one that came with the magnetic ruler.

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I think I read on paperclipping that American Crafts bought them.

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Jennifer Priest
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They went out of business as far as I know. No word about them after 2011 I believe.....

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They were bought by Colorbok a few years ago. Sorry, but I don't know if they still make the trimmers.

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I loved mine but it got so it was chewing paper up called them when they were still open and they didn't offer customer service said they couldn't fix it since it was over a year old. On the other hand Fiskars has send me replacement after replacement for there trimmer and it's 3 years old the wire keeps fraying and they just keep on replacing it.

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