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has anyone tried the ranger melting pot and utee??? I heard years ago that you can dip soft flowers into the utee and they become hard and there is some (unknown to me) way of making your own embellies!!!
very curious and thank you,

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I haven't tried it, but there are lots of youtube movies about this. It looks great.

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I have one unopened but never used. I got it years ago. And yes, you could make your own embellishments from it. It just is very messy!

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I bought the melting pot a few months ago and still haven't used it Eventually I WILL though...I do try to make a lot of my own embellishments. Don't get me wrong, I definitely spend my share on scrapbook supplies, but embellishments can sure get pricey so I try to make my own when possible.

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cool !!! is it easy to use I mean how do you make your own embellies??? I guess you first have to buy (as usual) the soft flower then dip it and it becomes a hard embellie right??? not sure about that???

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one way to make your own can make your own flowers..out of paper, fabric, ribbon, ric rac,tons of tutorials out there.I think some are here too. you tube has can use flat flowerr punches to roll up to make can just cut cardstock with scissors in strip to rool up a flower,you can roll up ribbons to make flowers..ric rac too you can also use flower dies from a big shot or cameo that are flat b ut you layer several to mae a flower..some you leave flat some you curl up each petal...felt flowers..
you can also use clip art. google the thing you want to scrap like a lego toy clip art..there are tons of clip art out there also coloring pages that you can color in & use on your pages. they come in different sizes & you can resize them..
I just thought of a thread here that has a ton of make your own stuff. I will see if I can find it & post it here.. I think I may have it saved in my favs.

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here is one that has a list of things to do to make your own embellies from Mrs. Schweit. she also has a list of flowers that I will add in the next post.

STEP TWO - gather your papers that you will use today paper do any of the following to these papers:

1. Add a banner by cutting the background paper
2. Faux snake skin/ leather
3. Do a scalloped border with lace of ribbon. Here's a cool tutorial
4. background
5. make a postage stamp background
6. Use decorative scissors on at least one side of the one of the papers
7. baby oil & ink
8. make a chevron pattern
9. Moon-shaped Lace-up
10. url=http://swissgirldesi latter-tutorial/]splatter ed background[/url]
11. creating-ripped-paper.html]rip paper[/url] in the middle of the page
12. do a mask [lightly ink or paint- I suggest using some spray on product- so it will dry quickly. Here's Irene Tan's how-to.
13. Paper towel background
14. stamped border
15. Brush distressed
16. apply more than one stamp {hummm where is the trick ‘cause what will happen next!!!]\}
17. Combine both waves & curles
18. water distress in this style- Water Distress
19. Embossed resist a portion of one your papers
20. doily
21. moisten the edges and curl a side up
22. faux candy
23. Use the textured technique on your background paper on a piece of paper you will use on your paper.
24. Make one paper look like leather
25. add stickles or glitter to the entire page, the edges, or select parts of the patterns
26. Raised Background
27. Create a stitched border of line on your paper. Here's some ideas
28. Either your project must be shaped as a large circle or it must contain a large circle with a lacey circle.
29. Distressed Gesso
30. use a border punch on at least on of your papers
31. distress an area by hold punching and inking a patch and here's the tutorial
32. Use circle punches under some paper to give the page depth. Like
33. this
34. burn the edges or use soot colored ink
35. Fabric for Background
36. tear the edges
37. Create a pattern paper by masking
38. Aged Background with gel medium
39. crumble, wad, and then unfold and straighten
40. place a textured item under the paper and sand over the paper so that texture shows through. Sand paper trick
41. Mask and then Stencil
42. Make crooked curls like Bonnie
43. Accent you pattern paper by stitching. here's an example .
44. use ink, paint or even a marker to make your own polka dots if you use ink or paint share with the group what strange object you used to make the uniform pock-a-dots (I use bingo markers, bubble wrap, pencil tops)
45. Gabriella P's ruffled edge.
46. Checkerboard with masking tape
47. use six or more pattern papers
48. add one of these store bought mediums or click the links to get homemade types:glitter glaze, twinkling h2o, shimmer paint, or glimmer glam
49. create your own glitter paper
50. Add double lacing to your papers
51. Use a doily as a mask.
52. Use a double ring.
53. Left-over alpha background
54. Homemade Die-cut
55. Create texture with a gel and a comb
56. Paint on one or more of your papers
57. Add cracklepaint or texture. Here's a tutorial on making crackle paint with elmers glue.
58. Use an old book or magazine page as one of your papers
59. Dry emboss one or more of your papers. Here's a how to on making your own embossing folder
60. Apply spider lacing
61. Deboss one or more of your papers (debossing is basically the opposite of embossing, the image is depressed rather than raised.)
62. edge punch half of 2 sides sample
63. Ink your embossing folder before using
64. pattern paper shaped background
65. Use (very!) diluted bleach on a cotton swab or cotton ball to distress one or more of your papers
66. Use a mask or scallop cuts to create hills. Winter hills are pretty but any season could work. Here's a little how-to.
67. tea or coffee stain one of your papers
68. Curl a layer back and weave behind. Here's a great example
69. apply a woven stitch.
70. Add a ruffle. Here's a crepe paper ruffle or a Plus you can dress up the crepe paper ruffles fabric ruffle.
71. Create a background of sewn scraps example 1 or example two.
72. Fussy cut one of your pattern papers. This means following a pattern on the paper and using it as a guide and making intricate cuts that follow the pattern.
73. melted crayon background
74. Bow distressed corner
75. Mask a spot for journaling and stitch around that edge. If your do this technique you may skip step seven. Here's an example
76. Paint of strips of chipboard for texture and a unique matting for your pictures. Here's a tutorial.
77. Make a flower border
78. add texture to your page... try embossing or any creative measure you can. here's a tutorial on brick texture and another texture technique here's a tutorial on brick texture and another texture technique
79. Create an inverted scalloped edge. We'll need at least an extra 5 minutes to do this awesome technique. Check it out here.
80. Turn circle punches into a square shape like this.
81. Write directly on the page creating a frame. Here's an example
82. Layered scallops
83. Be sure you end with 5 layers over your background paper. Check out Frank's how-to
84. Sew and mask your title. This will take a large portion of the page. Here's the awesome tutorial . If you do this you will get a get of the title free pass. You'll need the time I'm sure.
85. Stitch a large circle
86. Frame your page in a title on at least two sides. Here's an example.

Helpful links:
Homemade glimmer mist
Homemade alcohol ink
Make-Up Glimmer Mist

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@STEP [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
1. paper piece or faux paper piece one of your pictures
2. Mat or frame your pictures in a word or number like this
3. example
4. Crop at least one to a shape other than the original
5. make a frame and on the frame do your journaling so that your handwriting is the decorative part of the frame
6. Double mat at least one distress the edges
7. Horizontal mosaic cut like the picture on top of this layout
8. Holes in picture to reveal bottom layers. Check this
9. Store bought decorative corner
10. Artistic Transfer
11. Try a quilled frame. Check out Lisa's example.
12. distress the edges of one by rough them with scissors, filing, sanding
13. Make the picture itself a shadow box.
14. single mat at least one
15. add an interactive slider
16. Break away mosaic corner.
17. Use buttons as a frame or partial frame
18. Crop at least one to a shape a circle or heart shape
19. Make a brick wall mat... Cut squares, stamp, mask, or put down molding paste and layer with brick. Here's an example
20. Make a matt using a scalloped edge with lace or ribbon to accentuate the scallops. Here's a great tutorial.
21. 469/
22. paper roll (or fake paper roll by glue paper behind picture). Here’s a tutorial on how this should be done, but feel free to improvise. Rolled paper
23. As a decorative corner use a doily or faux doily. Here’s an example
24. Crop your picture into an item. Not a shape, but an item. Make the picture look like a teddy bear, a butterfly, etc. Anything but a rectangle, square, circle, oval, or diamond.
25. Use a black and white photo
26. Denim frames
27. Use hole punches and eyelets on your picture or matt for a masculine distressed look. Here's an awesome example by Natasha AKA Luv.My.Babiez's.
28. repaint picture
29. do pleating around the picture- Pleating 1 Tutorial or here Pleating 2 Tutorial and here too Circle Pleating
30. Metal corners
31. add non-traditional decorative corners (use punches, stickers, rub-ons - be creative)
32. create a faux metal frame
33. Add paint on your photo. This is a great technique to remove unwanted background clutter and to make your picture blend to the page.
34. Transparency decorative corners
35. Water color a portion of a black and white picture like this.
36. Rolled Frame
37. Accent your picture by adding stitching to the edge of the picture or matt
38. instead of a mat use a frame!! That means it must extend over the picture and have the center cut out. You can place it anyway you want over the picture and any frame type transparencies count
39. use a fan flower as a frame. See Sherry's incredible example here.
40. You must be in at least one of the pictures.
41. use double sided tape and make a frame to your page. Here's an example to make your frame look like tinsel frame using double sided tape and glitter to make a frame.... hum anyone for a twist to make this year round
42. Make a photo banner. Here's an example
43. Use a round mat or frame but a square picture fit to the round. Here’s an example.
44. Frame a picture is lace, ribbon, or trim
45. Improvise on digital effects. Check out this tutorial for an example
46. Use good old-fashioned round corners. Here's a trick for making round corners.
47. Molded frame or you can do something similar but just for at least one of the corners
48. stamp frame
49. make decorative corners by quilling a shape to attach to at least one of the corners
50. Make these type of photo corners.
51. Use decorative scissors on the picture or mat
52. Matt the core of your layout including embellies. Here's an example.
53. Use a heart shaped frame
54. use paper strips- placed or weaved under pic as mat: example
55. Make a mat the same size and shape as the picture but justify the picture to one edge leaving me mat uneven on the other side. Here's an example.
56. Stack your photos with the biggest on the bottom to the smallest on top. Make a little pocket to hold them and place each picture on a tag that can be pulled out to view. Here's an [url=http://designs-by-ju -always-nice.html]example.[/ur
57. Create a mat of circle punches as a border like this
58. silhouette crop at least one picture (to make it fit the area on your sketch or scraplift place it on a mat that is about the size of the original

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here are flowers & embellies at the bottom. there are a lot of links that I hope work

1. Plastic Flowers

2. Sunflower

3. Very realistic leaves

4. Witch Flowers

5. banner flower

6. 9 -layer swirlydoo flower

7. Porcelean Flowers

8.Fan Flower with a Twist

9. Ribbon flower sewn

10. Flowers made by a 9 year old.

11.Baby Wipe Flowers

12. Whirlygig flower

13. Circle scrunched flowers

14. folded under flowers

15. Real lace flowers

16. 6 petal rose bloom

17. be a rockstar flower

18. crumpled daisy

19. Circle Rose

20. handmade rose

21. frosted pion

22. calla lillies

23. Little Darling

24. Crepe Paper Bloom

25. ribbon rose

26. Rolled and twisted fabric flowers

27. inspired blossom

28. Tissue Tape Flower

29. Schwiet curled flowers


31. Camelot type flowers

32. Folded Coffee filter flowers

33. Hearts-a-glow flower

34. Another Aster

35. Altered Aster

36. Carnation

37. pinwheel flower or a tutorial from YouTube

38. fan flower

39. Metal Flower Fun

40. Fabric flower with a twist

41. one must be a flower made by quilling

42. Allison's folded flower

43. Winter's Eve Flower

44. passion daisy

45. Another pointsettia

46. elegant ruffled flower

47. pine cone or Alternative Pine Cone

48. no sew fabric flowers

49. shabby snowflake flower

50. wild rose

51. Panties in a Bunch Flower

52. Cornflower

53. fiesta flowers

54. doodled poinsettia

55. two tutorials for one price water distressed flower and video version

56. Ribbon Rose Bud

57. hydrangea

58. Mountain Lilly

59. ballerina bloom

60. Ballerina bloom made of tutle

61. Grunge-up flowers using eyelets

62. Hollyhocks

63. PoinsettiaYou don't have to follow the traditional poinsettia colors

64. 9-petal flower I found that I had to fold the second fold here at more of an angle

65. Easy-Button Flowers

66. seam binded rose

67. Mums
68. Romantique Rose

69. Rose bud from Cirlce Punches

70. Make a simple flower. Here are some samples:

a. Sample Simple Flower 1 for Progressive By Provinca

b. Sample simple flower 2 for progressive By Provinca

c. Sample simple flower 3 for progressive By Provinca

71. and here's another simple flower idea:
a. The flowers are from an old dictionary, punched with my scallop punch (five layers per flower), and held together with a brad. I crumpled up each layer into a ball around the brad head, then uncrumpled them, looser on the outside, leaving the inner one still tight to be the floral center.

72. simple vine

73. Tea bag folded flower

74. mimic these pin wheelish flowers

75. puffy ribbon flower

76. Grunge Delight Flowers

77. Yo-yo flowers

78. Burlap Flowers

79. add a florish. If you have a silhouette try this.

80. Paper ribbon flower

81. peeled poppy

82. Make a vine

83. Paper bag vines

84. rick rack flower

85. double fringed flower

86. Hibiscus

87. kusudama flower

88. lacy glass flower

89. Circle Folded Flower

90. pop top flower

91. Make any type of flowers but they must contain a stamens.

92. Studio Calico Wanna-be Notions Flowers

93. Crepe-paper Carnations

94. looped flowers

95. Corner punch flowers

96. stamped flower

97. Another Beautiful Rose tutorial

98. Twisted on Rolled Roses

99. More Crepe Paper Flowers

100.Cardstock Daisies

101.canvas flower


103. dimensional watercolor

104. Tin foil flowers

105.multi-fold flower pinwheels

107.Porcelain Petal Flowers

108. Poppin' Flowers

109.tattered canvas bloom

110.Easy Vellum Flowers

111.Heart flowers

112.Felt Flower

113.Sparkling Text Flowers

114. forget-me-not style or another version

115.Ribbon accent flower

116.Dryer sheet bloom

117.Metal Flowers


119.curled flower

120. criss-cross multi-pattern scallop flower

121.Glass Flower

122.Pom-Pom flowers

123.Paper Strip Flower

124.Lace Edged Flowers

125. Origami folded flower

126.punch and roll rose

127.Easy Peasy Flower

128.Felt Flowers

129.YouTube Tutorial on Lace flowers

130.Sewn cloth flowers

131. 3-d felt

132.rick-rack rosettes

133.Spring Flower Bouquet

134.Sun Flowers

135.8 Petal Flower

136.Fluffier Drier Sheet flowers

137.Laced Flowers a florish

139.No sew-lace flowers

140.tissue paper flower

141. fabric daffodil

142.Sunflower and poinsettia

143.Another type of tissue paper flower

144.Dog Wood flower

145.oval quills

146.Punched Cherry Blossom I don't have these punches but I think I can use my scallop or heart punches for the petals and another flower punch or my snowflake punch for the center. The vine is not required.

147.Ruffled Temptress Flower

148.Any one of the flowers from here

149.gesso flowers

150.pom-pom flowers

151.felt flower

152.follow one of these paper rose patterns

153.Star Flower

154.Scrap Flower

155.magnolia vines

156.Use styrofoam to accent your flowers.

157.twine maybe???

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ specific @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
specific item list
Step 4:
The economy is tough so make your own embellishments! Make at least 2 handmade embellies, but they cannot be a flower! You can make flowers for the LO, but the 2 embellies for this step cannot be flowers. (think pinwheel; tag; slides; paper piecing; anything but flowers.
One of the handmade embellies must be:
1. Add a belt buckle. here's a buckle
2. Resin-filled Bottle Caps. Here's more tips and tricks for bottle caps
3. add an interactive slider
4. awesome butterflies
5. Make pencils for your page. Here's a tutorial.
6. Bird cages are everywhere. Add a bird cage. Print an image, stamp a bird cage, or maybe use a chippie.
7. Dress Mannequin
8. Add a bottle cap pocket watch
9. paper piecing - CraftySprinkles Ideas and here's another stamping tutorial.
10. hand - made doileys
11. Monk Braid
12. Put shutters on your page.
13. Quilled Clock
14. Use the textured technique on an embellishment.
15. use stencils - here's a tutorial for water color stencil
16. cardboard shutters
17. Fauxed Polished Stones
18. Stamp on ribbon and include it on your page
19. Use clay. If you don't have clay make up some dryer lint cake here’s an idea eloborate clay designs and faux stones from clay
20. Alter or embellish a die-cut for your page like this and like this.
21. Braided vine
22. spirelli technique A spirelli YouTube
23. Use masking tape (plain, colored, or alter your own somehow) on your page
24. Stamp and chalk technique
25. Here's another homemade bling idea using glue dots glue dot bling
26. wire beads
27. Add a doily doily ideas `
28. Alter your chipboard and use it on your page and here's an idea for fuzzy chippies.
29. Quilled sea weed.
30. Turn your corned punch into an embellishment. Check out this tutorial
31. Fabric Butterfly
32. Turn chipboard or something else into a ribbon slider
33. Ink on lace and use it on your page
a. oragami style bow
b. easy bow
c. use a fork to make bow
34. Add a quilled butterfly
35. barn stars page 67
36. add page pebbles or more page pebbles
37. add dew drops
38. stick pin - here's a tutorial
39. Spiral Rope Beads
40. dress-up your die-cut with glitter
41. Tissue Paper Butterfly
42. add wire art here's some tutorial and here's some examples of wire jewlery that would make great scrap embelies.
43. Homemade washai tape
44. Make a rolled paper tree
45. Make a mini rolled paper wreath
46. Jean bow ties
47. Use one of these glitter goodies ideas
48. Bunting Banner
49. Mask a stamp. Here's an awesome how-to
50. Spinner
51. use baker twine or improvise with one of these and another DIY Baker's Twine
52. Flake your chipboard
53. use tissue and little sand to make immitate sand
54. fairy with leaves
55. Metals looks great on a page no matter if it's for a boy or girl. Add a faux metal embellishment to your page.
56. Create an embellishment from a clothing tag
57. Add handmade pearls. Come up with a faux pearl or use this clay turotial.
58. Paper bow
59. Try one of these strange stamp ideas
60. Handmade Resin Recipe
61. Quilling tutorial:
Quill tutorial
butterfly quill
Teddy bear Quill
Quilling Inspiration
Tag with iris fold -
Free patterns

62. Iris Fold Tutorial
Pattern PDF
Iris Fold Patterns
Iris Fold Ideas
Here's an example:
Baby Feet Iris Fold By Ms.Schwiet

1. Step four: add an umbrella Here are examples of lacy umbrellas

2. Step four: Buttons Buttons and more buttons. Hey, show me your buttons. Not any old buttons but let me see those handmade's a few tutorials to try: a video of buttons and clay buttons

3. Step Four: Stick pins, stick pins every where why not on our creation too. Add a homemade stick pin. Use whatever technique you like for a homemade stick pin, but it must be homemade. frosted design stick pins

4. Step Four: Flags are now all the craze. You will need to take the time to MAKE a flag for your page. Sorry no store bought flags welcome. So make or cut a pole shape and attach a flag of some sort. You should put about 15 minutes worth of work into the flag so make it cute and detailed. Here's an example of a very cute twirled flag. Sketch support flag ideas.

5. Step four: Check out the swirlydo tutorials and make any of the suggested items from that website.swirlydo site

6. Step four- Check out this collection of new techniques and find something to try on your page. New Techniques

7. Step four- Make a banner from a non traditional banner shape... Think hearts and butterflies. Consider some of the shape punches you have in your collection... Here's a great example

8. Sttep four- Add origami to your page. Check out this site for ideas and instructions. origami club

9. Step four- Inspiration is everywhere. Use this sketch support to find your inspiration for an embellishment. I personally love how the one artist turned the sketch into layered baseball. So visit this sketch support add-on and make an embellishment.

10. STEP FOUR- It's turkey hunting season. Hunt up a good home-made turkey and add it to your page. Here's some inspiration.

11. STEP FOUR- Clocks are now all the craze. You will need to take the time to MAKE a clock for your page. Sorry no store bought flags welcome. Here are some tutorials. You could use a stamp or print an image if a clock, but you need to add more details to it. Quilled Clock and Vintage clock and primas altered clock Plus clock images Or add a bottle cap pocket watch

12. STEP FOUR- Make a shaker box. I’ll post a tutorial but if you think outside the “shaker box” LOL you may find some packaging around the house that will work well as a shaker box. Shaker Box Tutorial

13. STEP FOUR: doiley's are ever where and used in a lot of different ways handmade doily

14. Step four- Many Americans love the Fourth of July for the fireworks. Show off the love of your country (no matter what country that may be ) by making a firework by quilling. Here's an idea. or a simple firework

15. step four- Many pages look perfect with a tree. Search the gallery for a tree you can scraplift. Post the original layout or tutorial you followed to make a tree. Here's a great tutorial for a vine but I think it looks more like a tree. Amazing ideas. A tree dolled-up it [url= time-fun.html]Baker's Twine[/url.] and distressed cardboard winter trees

16. STEP FOUR: Tickets are every where but instead of buying one at the store make one suing these very simple steps. Be sure to embellish it with stickers, die-cuts, stamps, or paper-piecing to make it worth the 20 minutes!

17. step four-Here's an alternative way to use a mask. I used a sleeve for a translucent project folder. Just grab some dimension paint and fill in areas with stickles or glitter. Remember most dimension paints are not acid-free. So protect it was a layer of cardstock or place it away from pictures.

18. step four- Fences look great in layouts. Make your own fence. This includes using one on your die-cut machine, but be sure to put a little time into it- add doddles or chalk the edges to give it definition. Here's a tutorial on hand-cutting your own fence.
19. Step Four: Banners are now all the craze. You will need to take the time to MAKE a banner for your page. Sorry no store bough banners welcome. You can use the blank chipboard triangles (I've also seen people use the round tags)for the banner, but it must otherwise be from scratch. One other requirement your banner must have at least FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT triangles. Here's a tutorial on a ruffled banner, circle & sewn flower, doily banner, and here's a clothes line sketch. And here's a trick to make perfect triangles. Circle sewn and used as banners doily banner clothes line pagemap clothes line. Cut through paper to create a [url=http://forscrappingo looms.html?m=1]banner[/url
20. Step four: Save money and the environment. GO GREEN. Make an embellishment from a soda can. Yes cut one open and use it like paper. I've seen butterflies, flowers, and teddy bears. If the front of the can does not coordinate to your page use the backside. Tutorials and ideas:
Metal Flowers

21. Step four: Make a homemade snowflake:*Here's one a bit bulk but cool.**Plus a good old fold and cut
22. STEP FOUR:Your see these everywhere so make your own layered embellishments
23. STEP FOUR: Butterflies have ALWAYS been popular so let's honor them with a step to create one. You can use a stamp or die cut but you MUST add to it. May it layered add transparencies to the wings or even add stamps but go the extra mile to give it a little home-made quality. Check out the flying unicorn for some amazing inspiration. Feels free to print out one of the many samples I have stored on page 70 of the progressive challenge, but again make it hybrid a little computer and a little you- home-made.
24. Add feathers to your layout. If you don't have them try clay painted feathers or add paper feathers

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there was a link for every flower. for lots of the tutorials..if you want me to pm you the link to the thread I will. I do not know why they did not show up here.

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if you go to the top of the page to the right. It says resources.. click on articles & tutorials. then click on embellishments..there are a bunch there too.

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