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I used to love using the Bazzill Matchmaker, but since American Crafts bought them out back in April, the site hasn't worked. Does anyone know if there are plans to continue it, or revamp it under AC?

I believe there was also an app at one time, and if I remember correctly, it was quite expensive. I'm wondering if anyone has it, if it's still working or being updated?

Ms. Fit
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Ms. Fit
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Boy, am I behind the times! I didn't know Bazzill was bought out and was wondering why so much of the cardstock in the Superstore was "out of stock." Are they (AC) discontinuing a lot of the product that we love so much? When I went to the AC website, it indicated that they also bought up We R Memory Keepers. I have never found that a reduction in competitors has been a good thing for customers and am therefore concerned. What does everyone else think about this?

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I too am upset that the Matchmaker isn't still up and running--love that tool! I too am concerned with how many lines AC now owns. I just really hope they don't kill the Bazzill line because I like the Bazzill paper so much more than the AC papers.

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omg no way wrmk is one of if not the favorite lines they better not get rid of the punch boards and stuff!!

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