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I've never been real good at color coordinating scrapbook pages or embellishing etc... I do good to get the photos in an album. Was thankful when project life came along. Now I'm back to having scrappers block....
I'm working on my childhood albums, I have them broken down into 2 different time eras. Each bookmarking time frames of life...birth to about age 12 and a half (we made a major move). The second from then til I became a mom at 20. I'm sure I can fit these into 2 12x12 albums. I am not using PL format, but 12x12 protectors.

My trouble is that I don't know what colors to use for the 70's photos that I'm working with. They are of poor quality, odd shaped, washed out... I also am scanning them as I go so that I will have a digital back up of the photos just in case anything happens to the album. I will be taking photos of the completed pages as well so that maybe it can be duplicated if ever need to be.

I would like to have page kits so that I don't have to coordinate or do much embellishing.
I need ideas as to what kits would look good with these photos, inspiration or any resources that you might know of.....

Help me get out of my block, please.....

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I used to worry about that before I started my life & my parennt pics from 60. 70s too we have all the fade ones & ones that turned a different color. I quickly realized that for me..I prefer to jut scrap each pic as I felt I wanted it. I do not care if the papers I use are bright color or pastel. I choose what papers make my heart happy when I am scrapping those. Look at my birthday party, buzz me miss blue, as a couple examples in my gallery. They are bright & fun.I love them

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You can scan those photos and then use a photo editing program to get some color adjustment.

I have found that 'muddy' colors work best with those 70's photos. One example is the BG Pyrus collection.

Also the Superstore here has a great tool: Color Match. You can even upload a photo and it will help you find products to go with it.

Good luck.
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Harvest gold and avocado! Everybody had appliances in one color or the other, lol.

Seriously though the Scrap by Color tool is great. You can upload your photo and play with any color imaginable then see papers that will work with your chosen combo.

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I would also recommend using neutrals for those pictures. Browns, tans, creams, beige, grey, white, and black. Or even a navy blue, or darker green. And once you have the page done, if you want to add some color, you can always add it with your embellishments. That way it is there but not overpowering.

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Just a thought and maybe not a way you want to go but I find grainy or faded images benefit from converting to black and white and tweaking the contrast and brightness or using iphoto use the effects option to select the best colour option. As to co-ordinating I'm a fan of the DCWV stacks and I'm sure you'd find a suitable option in their range.

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Hi, I highly recommend the following podcast episode that talks solely about Documenting the Past. It's entertaining and informative! cument...

Enjoy :-)

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Those are all great advice! I'd try every piece of it. Also, though, I LOVE the idea of these photo overlays. They can take grainy photos and add some color. The other line I like for faded photos is Kaiser Kraft's beach theme papers. They look like they would be perfect for fading beach photos. Hope that helps.

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I'd do a cream, grey, black or even kraft paper as .bg paper...keep it the same n limit the embellies...I find bad photos are draining to work with, but have to do it occasionally. In that case I keep the lo very simple, almost yearbook style with a nice sketch behind. In my gallery, "Comida" is a good example

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I think it depends on the story you are telling. If you are scrapping your parents special Christmas party, use Holiday stuff if you want! Just don't go too bright or you'll drown out the photos. Be sure to mat your photos, too. Good luck and have fun!

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I highly recommend using yellows and oranges not sure what paper to use- not much help sorry
You know like to match those old white kitchen tables with the paited sections!! My Mom had one of those!!!ha ha

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