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Nurse Kelly
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Nurse Kelly

I have a guillotine paper trimmer and a smaller Creative Memories (6" ?) one. I'm looking for a new one. I've seen Fiskars makes several but after looking at the different types, now I'm confused!

What is the difference between a rotary vs. straight line trimmer? A "triple track" trimmer?

I have a Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore and a Michaels locally.

Thank you!

RedSquirrel UK
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RedSquirrel UK
In response to Nurse Kelly

A straight line trimmer has one blade that slices through the paper into a groove. A rotary trimmer has a circular blade that cuts by rolling over a cutting strip. And just to throw an extra spanner in the works, a guillotine cutter works the same way as a pair of scissors, with blades that slide past each other.

A guillotine blade will rarely need sharpening, if ever. A rotary blade, depending on what you use it for and how much, could last 6 months to a year. A straight blade will need replacing much more often.

I've never heard of a triple track - sorry!

Does that help a little?

My personal favourite is this one. It's light-weight for packing for crops, folds up for limited desk space, cuts straight, and you don't get jagged edges that some blade trimmers can give. You can get lots of different blades too, and they change out really easily.

You'll get as many opinions on cutters as there are posters here though! Everybody has their favourite.

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In response to RedSquirrel UK

I have the trimmer shown below. This one takes the blades I've also shown here. The blades lock into three straight tracks when you put them into place on the trimmer. The middle track does the cutting and the other two keep the blade moving up and down rather than right or left so much. The idea is that you get a straighter cut than if it didn't do this. So, Triple Track is just Fiskars' term for all of that.

As Red Squirrel noted, you will get many opinions as to what is the best trimmer. They all seem to have their pluses and minuses.

What I like best about the straight blade trimmers is that are quite portable and lightweight. And most importantly they will allow me to cut easily and precisely into the middle of any piece of paper to create windows or slits or the like. I find that I use that feature a lot and miss it in the rotary blade trimmers and would certainly miss it with a guillotine style.

But that being said, the Fiskars one I have is OK but I'm not thrilled with it either. As Red Squirrel said, the blades do have to replaced often so that they don't "tear" or "feather" the edges of the cuts. Titanium blades are definitely the better choice (over the usually cheaper regular style). And it did take me a while to get used to where exactly the cut would occur. That might have just been operator error though.

The good thing about Fiskars is (in addition to being sold here) they are also readily located at most craft stores so those blades can easily be purchased as needed. I think that is another reason I stick with mine.

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In response to KatieJo

The other thing about Fiskars is their customer service. If you have a problem they will fix it.

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