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I am home!! Kari and I were the only ones in town today. We were thinking we probably hadn’t gone to town alone since before Gracelyn! Kari told her Dad we might just not come home!! Lol. Had a med check at the doc. Increase on one and decrease on another. Trying to find something to help without costing so much I can’t afford it.

Tish...I cried happy tears at the no cancer news!!

Jojo Noons
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Jojo Noons
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Checking in while I have chicken noodle soup.
I went back to bed and slept till 7:30 p.m. Crazy! Haven't had a cold hit me this bad in a long time.

Donna, prayers to you hun! Miss your sweet face in here.

Tish, yay on no cancer cells and your girl healing nicely.

Josie, wishing the best for you with the appts.

Char, busy with appts. too. Soon you can rest in your recliner.

Cathe, love your album for the baby shower! Quite thoughtful of you!

Trish, wish the Prednisone was working better for you.

Betsey, loved the pics of Lily... Shes so sweet!

Sharon, I got one of those containers to hold dies. The clear 4 sectioned one. Love it. Can't wait to fill it up. Considering getting a second one.

Di, I think it's wonderful you teaching Dori how to sew. Sounds like she enjoys it very much.

Cheryl, how is Karyol feeling today?

Sorry, just not too chatty...

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JoJo, hope the long nap and chicken soup help to heal you.
Maybe some NyQuil and more sleep will kick it out of you by tomorrow.
Feel better.

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