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I was wondering how do you all organize your cardstock and your scrapbook paper? I organize my cardstock and my SU dsp (the ones that are a single color) by color. But I have SO much that is not only multiple colors on one side, but double sided and a totally different color on the flip side. How do you organize these?

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My patterned papers are by manufacturer. Solids re by color.

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Same as Dria!

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My solids are by color

pattern paper by color - especially older 1 sided papers

pattern paper by collections - when I have most if not all the collection

pattern paper by manufacturer for those few companies that I tend to buy a lot of their papers!

scraps are by color only - the color that catches my eye first when looking at it!!

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My solids are by primary & secondary colors & blacks, browns, grays, and whites. Single sided and 2 sides together.
My patterns are by "earthy" (woodgrain, brick, dirt, stone, sand, etc.)
"geometric" (stripes, circles, plaids, patterns, etc.)
"floral" (trees, and stuff.)
Then I have all my "specialty" (metals, fiber mesh, cork, veneer, plastic, fabrics and other materials) in boxes.
All this is stored on 42 EK Success pegboard trays, 2 of the 15 drawer rolling carts you get @ Jo's and 2 large drawers.
This is why I need my large area.

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Organizing multicolored double-sided paper can drive one crazy.

I second what Sewflake/Sharon said, pick a side that is going to catch your eye when you flip through. If you like both then go with the Side A usually has the most info on the brand strip.

I keep my collections together and I organize by season/Holiday so much falls into those categories. Then I have the stand alone categories that I buy for like, dog,school, camping....etc.
I found by doing this I cut down on having to deal with the "what side" question.

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Cardstock by colour, with separate storage for 12X12 and 8.5X11. White letter-sized is separate because I'm a cardmaker and I use it all the time.

12X12 papers are sorted by collection, then by manufacturer or by season, depending on the manufacturer. ALL of my SU DSP is together, all of my BG collections are together (same for G45 & Tim Holtz) BUT anything else gets sorted into seasonal categories. For example, the Autumn stash contains collections by Bo Bunny, Pink Paislee, Authentique and Echo Park.

8x8 and 6X6 papers are a bit of a free-for-all, mostly because I've not figured out a good system for them yet.

As for "orphaned" papers, which have no particular collection to hang with, I make page kits or toss 'em on the "envelope" pile.

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Golden Tails
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My solids are by color, and my patterns for the most part are by theme. I have a pack of vintage, pack of kids/baby stuff, a sports pack and so on... the packs include stickers and embellishments for each theme.

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I use a hybrid system as well. Solids by color, favorites by collections and then what is left I do by color. I have had the same dilemma as you with multi-colored papers. I use this technique: I ask my self, "should I just dump it" if I can't figure out where to file it. If my inner self says, "no, I love it!" then I go with what ever color speaks to me and makes me want to keep it. This usually works. For some reason they mostly end up in the green or purple pile (guess what my favorite colors are :-) If I can't decide, then it goes in the de-stash pile.

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