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This is my first Planner, I am having fun with it. However, there is SO MUCH to choose from, I am getting confused. I was a Corporate Executive in the Medical Field, I never heard of Instagram. It was a very stressful job in NYC. Met my Husband at work, never saw each other, due to traveling schedules. We were transferred to FL, bought a 1920's Cottage, I decided to stop work and make my little Gem Beautiful. I had a Sinus infection, was given Prescribed Antibiotics. Went to Hairdresser, Groceries, then NOTHING ! I arrived at E/R DOA in total Renal Failure. Was in ICU almost 3 months, Housebound for a year. I am slowly coming back to live my life. I want my Planner to be BEAUTIFUL.I will be HAPPY, FOR ANY HELP !

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