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Okay, my fellow crafty minds. Several years ago, (2002ish) I believe it was Paper Crafts Mag that had this in their September addition (maybe)......Not sure, anyway, of course moving several times, I lost the magazine. I am trying to find it on the net, the 12 Days of Christmas. I remember they had tags and then ideas for small gifts with it, with a cute saying, and I just can't find them. I have found several on Pinterest but not the exact one that was feature. Anyone remember this?????? Or can help me with resources I'm not doing? I've googled, I have Pinterest, and now here? lol

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That's a toughy! You've looked up everywhere I was going to suggest. Have you tried
Maybe you could contact their customer service and ask. It might be worth a shot. Good Luck!

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Have you contacted Paper Craft? Creating Keepsakes
14512 S 980 W, Suite 600
Bluffdale, UT 84065
This is all I found; +magazine+1...

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