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Kimberly Rae
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Kimberly Rae

I myself have never bought any, except as anniversary cards for my parents because they were married on Halloween. But do you buy Halloween cards?

Would you buy hand made Halloween Cards?
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Joanie R
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Joanie R
In response to Kimberly Rae

I would probably make my own Halloween cards but I do layouts for Halloween more over than cards. Christmas is really the only holiday I do cards for.

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In response to Joanie R

Halloween is a weird holiday for us. Technically we don't celebrate it, but we DO have a movie marathon for it. My DH is a horror movie buff, and our boys have never dressed up or done the trick or treat thing. When the boys were really little, we just gave them a little baggie of candy because a lot of people in town knew my husband's parents so they would bring their kids or grandkids over. After the boys hit school age, we began doing kids halloween movies at our house and would let the boys have a sleepover. The kids all got a baggie of candy, and I would make mini pizzas, and then make popcorn for the movies. Now, my boys just join in on the "grown up" movie marathon...BUT, I am once again watching kiddie movies for part of the night because my 4 year old niece always wants to watch movies with "Weesha" and she can't watch the grown up movies, lol.

But the only holiday that I have ever bought cards for is Christmas.

andrea m
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andrea m
In response to flhomeschoolmom

I love to make Halloween cards sadly they do not seem to sell. It is just not the kind of holiday you send a greeting for. I send them to nieces and nephews but not adults.

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In response to andrea m

I make all my cards myself and I haven't bought a single card since I started crafting.

I think that asking anybody in this forum if they would buy handmade cards might not be representative for the views of the general public.

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In response to angel1dot0

We LOVE Halloween but I make our cards. $ is tight so paying for cards is not in the budget when I have cardstock to make them. I have always found tho that people who don't make their own buy the handmade cards. When I was doing craft shows anyway, they did:)
I think it just takes the right people for handmade cards. I am all excited for Halloween now that you're talking about it. I am so glad to see others here enjoy the day like we do!

OK, now I have to ask about recipes...for Halloween meals or treats. I am a cooking addict and want to make some candy corn or something like that for the movies. I made one year some meaty turnovers with a 4 inch or so pumpkin cookie cutter, they turned out so good. So any recipes I would welcome if they are ones you tried and liked for Halloween Celebrations. Sweet or otherwise, big family so we like everything

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  • don1 on 08-07-16 04:00 PM
In response to crowmomma

I don't like orange.
Halloween is the kickoff for the "Holiday Season". This is where I start on my yearly supply of candy. Then there is T'day candy laying about, and of course, Christmas candy. I get a booster shot at Easter, what with all those chocolate bunnies laying around.
Of course there is more to the holidays than candy ... there's cake and pie and cookies.
I'm going on a diet ... right after Christmas, maybe New Years.

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In response to don1

I have made a few and sent them to random persons, but I wouldn't buy them unless they were perfect for someone (a specific inside joke kind of thing).

New Kid On the Block
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In response to KatieJo

I make Halloween Cards for my nieces and nephews. Plus I have a few friends that have Birthday's on Halloween so I will give them a type of Halloween/birthday card.

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In response to GingieP

I make a few Halloween cards to give to people I know. Mostly I make Thanksgiving cards to give to people I know because Canada's Thanksgiving is in October.

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