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I am looking for Photoshop users who might want to add Paintshop Pro to their "toolbox".

I am looking to create a class to explain PSP in terms that would be easy to understand for Photoshop users.

I am also looking for questions/concerns from Photoshop users to use PSP.
    What tools/functions are you using in Photoshop that you don't know how they would work in Paintshop Pro?
    what tools/functions have you heard of that are in Paintshop Pro but you are not familiar with at all?
    What tools/functions have you heard might be missing in Paintshop Pro and you are using in Photoshop?
    Any other question about Paintshop Pro?

If i held a free online class, would you be interested in attending?

I don't have a date or format yet, and i am waiting to hear your questions about this to plan something, so please, share your concerns and questions.


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