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I have just completed my first layout - and am happy with it, except for the glue I used. I tried a basic craft PVA first of all, but it did not stick too well and has soaked through to the back of my base card. I then tried Collall Tacky Glue, which definitely stuck, but left things a bit wrinkly. Thinking that glue tape would be better, as it is dry? TIA for your advice.

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Glue runners are the best way to go, liquid glue will soak thru and or buckle your paper and pictures. I like scortape or Sook Wang tape and with the tape type glue you can use Undo to take off the mistake and put it back on. Like when I put them down and they are not level or I want to add something behind it.

May I suggest that when you take a picture you lay it down on the floor and shoot it? (I have a poster board to put it on). That way you can see it front on.

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Or you could use Duct Tape to stick it down and WD 40 to remove it.
I know! That's what The Queen says too.

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After seeing your layout, it is not as wrinkly as I thought it might be! I have seen worst!
Southgirl has the better idea, you will learn Don's quirky humor, we all love him! Bless his heart....
Any of the tape runners will work fine, you will learn which you like best.
Hope to see lots more in your gallery soon!

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Sharon is right - these boards just wouldn't be nearly as much fun without Don. Give him cookies - he gets happy.

His sense of humor is wonderful! He makes the boards fun and often gives me my best giggle for the day.

I use an ATG (Automatic Tape Glider). I know Michaels has them - and probably other places. They are big and they are the most cost efficient because the rolls of tape are about 90' I think.

I lot of people here use them! When I go to crops it is about all you see anyone using.

They are refillable and the basic ATG can be expensive but they go on sale frequently and Michaels seems to always have 50% off coupons, which is how most of us buy our ATGs.

Liquid glue of any kind and glue sticks (even if they say archival safe) will buckle your papers and eventually come undone.

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All good advice.
I only add to it to say it is good to have all sizes and types of adhesive.

ATG, micro tape runner, scor tape, xyron, zig pen, zip dry (only in a super ventilated space) , glue dots and dimensional tape. All for different reasons.

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The kind of glue you use is sort of dependent on the kind of project you need it to stick to.

Paper to paper for flat projects, a tape runner or photo splits is a good option.

But if you want to add heavier embellishments, you're going to need a heavier glue - such as Beacons 3-1.

If you want to add dimension, you'll need dimensional adhesive, such as pop-dots.

If you want to get cool multi-media effects, then you'll need a glue that allows for that, such as multi-medium or glossy accents.

Mini-books that are going to get a lot of wear on the seams, probably some kind of red-tape or super sticky strip tape (I can't think of the name at the moment... but it's strong) is what you'd want.

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I've never used adhesive rollers before. I purchased the Umbrella Crafts 6 pack of adhesive rollers. Is there some trick to using them? I can't seem to get them to dispense, nothing happens. There are no instructions, so I watched the video, it looks as if you just swipe it and it rolls on. Mine do nothing as if they're stuck. Can anyone help me?

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