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Hello crafty friends! Did you ever think about getting into watercoloring but didn't know how to start? Then our new class Watercolor 101: The Basics with Sarah Richards is for you! Sarah's simple yet creative approach to teaching will leave you feeling relaxed, motivated, and ready to paint. Don't forget, our classes are free, which just adds to the excitement! Check it out today!

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I just may have to take this class. I have a cheap set of paints that I have started playing around with the last couple months. Not liking how its turning out but I really don't know what I am doing.
Thank you for having the classes and for them to be free. I've really enjoyed the classes I have taken here at

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Can I see some pages that were done with water color? I talking about actual scrapbook pages.

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One thing you can do is look up water color paint in products on and then choose a product, eg for example:
search :Prima - Watercolor Confections - Tropicals
and scroll down and look under "projects using this product" and it gives you a list of all projects using this product. offers a variety of products that can be for creating water color (Gelatos, Prima oil pastels, as well as water color paints). And there are lots of projects made with these products.

Also, there is another class you might find useful:

Classroom: Watercolor Techniques with Natalie Malan (All Skill Levels).

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