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I recently purchased a Slice from Ebay as a never used product. I received the product and all of the pieces which come in a new kit. I read all the directions before even opening the machine or cards. I charged the machine before turning it on. When I went to use it, I inserted an MS+ card, let it upgrade, then followed the directions to make my first cut. The machine homed fine, ran through all the menu options fine and the blade housing moved in the design shape, however; the design did not cut. It appeared the blade never touched the paper. I read through all the troubleshooter information and adjusted the balde, replaced the blade, kept homing the device and still the unit will not cut the paper at all. Does anyone have any ideas?
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You may need to adjust you blade still, does not sound like it far enough down. I have one and really like mine.

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I had one for a while and eventually beat it to a pulp with a sledge hammer (for real). I replaced it with a Silhouette Portrait, with no regrets. I hope you didn't pay too much for your Slice.

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When I got my new Slice it had the same problem - that was about 7 years ago.

There was a cover or something put on at the factory that I didn't know to remove and it kept the blade from touching the paper.

I showed the lady at my scrapbook store and she laughed and removed it for me. Seems it was a plastic cover to keep the machine from getting damaged in the box - I don't remember what. Just had me rolling my eyes when I saw how simple it was to fix.

See if there is something blocking it that was part of the packaging.

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