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OK, I get it, they are slimmer, stackable and with a better ink formula. They still open the say the others di except....
these are a lot harder to open for me. I keep thinking that maybe there is a trick to them that I am missing.
When I try to slide the cover back underneath of the pad like the old ones, they are very very stiff. I have to use the pad opened up.

The other thing is, we could squeeze the old pads to get some of the ink color onto the inside cover to use with the color blender and manually color images.
These new pads do not allow me to squeeze them at all. My hubby tried and when the pad started snapping like he was breaking it, I told him to stop.

You know how we used to cut the ends off of the color labels that we didn't use and put them inside so we could recognize the color of the pad when it was opened? SU has added a blank label for us to add to the inside instead of cutting pieces up.

When the 2018-19 catalog went live. I ordered all of the colors I was missing from the subtles collection and the new 2018-2020 In Colors pads.
Please do not think I am being difficult or anything, but the labels for the subtles have clear lettering. When the labels are placed over the soft white of the stamp pad, you cannot read the names through the label!
Fortunately for me, I have a labelling machine and used a small thin font and made labels of the names and placed them UNDER the label provided by SU, so I can see the pads color and name!
I know my eyes are bad at small print, but why in the world didn't anyone in SU corporate see this problem. Why can't they print the labels with black lettering for the lighter pad colors and white for the darker ones?

All that aside, the reason I came to the scrapbook forum tonight is to get some advice on opening these new ink pads. I'd like to be able to lift the lid and slide it back as easily as I do with the older pads. I know their colors redo and the improvements in the inks have given we users a lovely new palette of colors, bringing back a few old favorites and losing some of the older boring ones. But no matter how pretty the palette, if I cannot open the pads or use them the way I am accustomed to using them, the the new colors do me no good.
So, anyone out there have some of the new pads and are you having as hard of a time as I am opening them? If you have figured them out, please, please share with me!!
Thank you all for any help you can offer.

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  • don1 on 06-18-18 08:41 AM
In response to scramblinrosie

I think the whole stamp pad industry should come up with a better container. Stampnup has the worst idea.
With the pads I use, I put a large Velcro pad on the back and use an old stamp block with the other Velcro part.

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