Username Post: Will my supplies be safe in a hot garage?        (Topic#1674613)
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i had to move in with my sister. shes very obsessed with cleanliness. thankfully shes letting me keep my extra stuff in her garage.

but ive had to put my stamps, paper pads, glues, etc. all my scrapbooking supplies.

i took to my room my picture albums, pictures and stickers.

will my supplies get ruined in the heat?

i live in miami, fl. i dont know how long my stay here will be unfortunately.

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In response to terestrife

Don't keep them there for long!!
The heat will fade your paper and dry up your other supplies.

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In response to bonprof

I'd be concerned about paper and ink pads in particular. Even if they are stored in plastic containers, the humidity might get to them.
Sorry about your situation and hope you can keep your supplies safe and intact til things change.

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I agree, I don’t think that’s a good situation for many of the supplies we use.
Paper, inks, glues, adhesives, etc.
Any way you can store stuff in containers under your bed?
Wishing you luck.

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They aren't safe from harm in a high humid area, especially if they are enclosed in plastic. If it gets hot enough, condensation is sure to spoil paper goods. The high heat will spoil the rest. I agree with the others, under the beds!!!

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I'm sorry things arent ideal ! You can store things that are the most important to you in a closet or under beds ! Or even a corner of your room!

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Henri Jean
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I'd be concerned too. The humidity concerns me more than the heat. I'm from Miami and I know about humidity. I love it for my skin but not for paper things. If you have to keep them in the garage, maybe you could buy a small dehumidifier. You will be shocked how much water it will pull out of the air!

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i'm not a big expert, but pretty much as other people said, scrapbooking supplies are not safe when kept in hot places. heat ruins them so you either find another place for them or you somehow make your sister's garage less hot if you want to keep them safe.

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