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I'm looking for a 12x12" paper similar to the SEI Diane Collection- Shimmering Pink Floral. It doesn't have to be shimmery (would be a plus), but would like to keep the pale pink/white small floral simple print. Any suggestions???


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How about pebbles heirloom floral?

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After looking at that collection, the Flora 1 collection might interest you.

Carta Bella Paper - Flora No 1 Collection - 12 x 12 Collection Kit

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Thank you for both recommendations!

The Flora Collections is beautiful, though I'm after a very pale pink and white tiny floral pattern. Very subtle and low contrast.

The Pebbles Heirloom Floral is a great alternative- I may order to hold me over until I can find a closer replacement as I just used my very last sheet of the shimmer pink this morning

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