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I’m new to scrapbooking. I have been keeping journals for years, and I want to do a scrapbooking journal, but I can’t think of any ideas on how to do it. I want it to be something personal and not the average scrapbooking topics.

gluemore girl
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gluemore girl
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Hi Kiedis
I think you can make this whatever you want it to be.
So you are taking your journal topics and adding images to the page to help illustrate?
I'm guessing you might want to look at some travel journals for inspiration, it might be fewer photos, more ephemera and journaling.
Decide on the size of your journal and type and then I say jump in and join the fun.
Welcome to the forum and to scrapbooking!

Vivian Lake
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Vivian Lake
In response to gluemore girl

I started an art journal for myself. I can hardly believe how much fun it is to make.

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I am not a journal or diary person, that being said, I did start one. I got real frustrated with the spiral bound one not opening and closing right. And the expansion was not there, I found " Joggles" and it allows me to use water color paper, card stock, canvas and I can turn the pages easy or move a page to a different location.

The first one was made as an Art Journal with sayings from my family and it grew into sayings I have collected.

The second one will be of things that made me happy. The plan is to do a week on each page. Yep, that is the plan.

This is a page from my art journal:

ME By Southgirl

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I have never worked on an art journal but I have seen some pages from others.. They are cool

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  • Kel3 on 09-19-18 01:29 PM
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I would say maybe adding a picture to a jpurnalled page on a particular event. Check the gallery it is great for inspiration.

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