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How do you moms out there do it? I have a 3 month old son and I have no free time to even enter my craft room. I want to work on his baby book but when I do have a small amount of time I don't have the energy to.

I'm exhausted!

Shout out to all you crafty and creative moms.

How do you balance being mommy and having time to yourself to decompress?

Jen E
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Jen E
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my kids are teens now, be goes super fast!, but when they were babies, during nap time, if i didn't nap along side them, i forgot about cleaning and did whatever i wanted to do! most often it was reading since i didn't start scrapping till they were a little older. bits and pieces, you can get a LO completed or a card made, it just takes time. the cleaning will always be there, sometimes you just have to do for you! good luck!

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I confess I quit crafting till my youngest went to school. There just wasn't time, money or energy for it.

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I have a 5 year old and an 18 month old. I do a lot after they go to bed for the night. Even if it's just for a half hour.
Everything I do is done in shifts.
That's good you have a craft room. If you have 10 mins, set paper out and some embellishments you want to use. Maybe find the pictures.
Next 10 mins just work on it. You aren't going to get a lot done but at least it's a little time for yourself.
With not much free time I wasn't such a perfectionist any more. Who cares? I also started using pre-done layouts and just adding a little bit to it.

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I have a 2.5 year old and 4month old. I usually can do a little bit if they both nap together in the afternoon. I still have yet to finish my oldest’s baby book, but I finally have all the pictures printed for it.

If my oldest one is at daycare, I will bring the playmat into my craft room and let him play while I scrap. Usually I can get 20 minutes this way.

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As a super busy new mom you may want to consider getting a set of project life journaling cards. After bedtime, take a card and journal any fun thing they did during the day, coo'ed at you, recognized their name, giggled. Make it just a few words so its short and simple. You get the jest! This way you can take pics as they are growing and match (or not) journal cards to their activities. You won't miss any special moments and you'll have a record of how they grew. When time permits, after bedtime or during nap time, you can steal away time to transfer important notes to their baby book without having to worry about what you may have missed. You'll have more journal cards than needed for their baby book, but just file them into a photo album. Here's a sample of what I'm talking about.

Journaling cards:

I also recommend a D-Ring binder and a variety pack of page protectors to hold all your completed cards. Congratulations and wishing you the best!

PS: Don't worry he'll start sleeping through the night very soon!

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Vivian Lake
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I didn't scrap much at that point in my life. But I made sure to take "notes" and leave them where I could find them for later. Young babies take all your energy and really . . . don't stress too much right now about the baby book. It will happen soon enough when you feel up to it again.

P.S. I'm still finding chicken scratch notes and my baby is now 12.

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So, reading the comments, it looks like you'll get a routine going when you have a 2nd tot. Eazy parcheezy.

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Hi and I remember those days! I started scrapping when my DD was 4 and DS was 2. That was almost 20 years ago!

If you can, schedule a block of time, just once a month either at home or with friends, to scrap. I started that way and still do.
I have "crop night" on the family calendar for the same date and time every month.
Hang in there and don't worry about being caught up.
The photos tell different stories as they sit longer.
Lots of great advice here, especially the note-taking!

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My sister had babies back to back so she was too busy to scrapbook so she switched to digital thing she was great at that helped was she took lots of pictures. More candid ones on her phone mainly ...and at the time I was away in graduate school so she’d email me updates about cute things they did or like, Christmas present wish list, I saved all of it and printed quotes from emails for journaling. The key is to stay organized and keep the leaflet from a performance or flyer from event. iPhones help with geo tagging locations and time/date too. They grow up so fast so just make sure to take quality photos and make sure you’re in them too!

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I left the kids with they hubby and went to crops. It was easier back then because there was a scrapbook store in my town. Honestly, to this day, it's still how I get stuff done, except that the crops are fewer and farther in between. My kids are grown, but there are still too many distractions at home.

One thing I did to keep my sanity when my kids were young was to keep a container on my dining room table. It held a few crafting essentials, plus my current project. I made it a point to spend 10 minutes with that container daily. Those 10 minutes were pure bliss! No matter what, I could always squeak out 10 minutes.

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Put them to bed early and claim some me time. that is what I did. Kids in bed by 7:00 when they were little, and I had several hours of "me" time to do what I wanted.

I also claimed nap time as "me" time.

My ex told me out of the blue that he would babysit one night a week, I could go to a movie with girlfriends, out to dinner with them or whatever I wanted so one night a week was mine.

When they got bigger, I put them at the table with their craft supplies and things and I had my crafts going on.

One thing that gave me hours of time every day in December - literally hours… I had our Christmas tree with our nice ornaments which was "no touch" for them. Not fun at all for them.

I then bought a 4' tree for them, set in on the floor and it was theirs. I bought plastic ornaments and every afternoon they made ornaments (they were 2 and 4) - made construction paper chains, took the lids from jars, drew a picture and pasted it in the jar lids and I put a hole in them with an ice pick and put a string. So many picture they drew and old snapshots they cut out and put in their jar lid ornaments. (The oldest used paper scissors to cut out the little one's pictures and papers to fit in the jar - I traced the circle for him to cut.)

Two or three times a day they took everything off their tree and stacked it all on the sofa and then put it all back on their tree again. That was at least an hour every day of decorating and undecorating with me right there working on my projects, completely uninterrupted for hours. We were all happy.

The more busy projects I gave them, and the more naps they took, the more I got time to do what I wanted while supervising and helping them.

We shopped for small trucks and things - ones that were lightweight and put strings on them and the kids put them on their trees. They made craft projects coloring sewing thread spools and lids to butter tubs - which they colored, painted glued glitter or sequins in and hung on their tree. While I worked on their baby books.

But what really occupied them the most was decorating and undecorating their tree while I sat at the table and worked on their baby books and supervised them. I truly believe that busy kids are happy kids.

I kept my kids very busy and the busier they were, the more time I had for me while I watched or supervised them.

Now my youngest is in art school majoring in motion design - he loved all the crafts I helped them with. He even volunteers in the summer at our art museum helping with craft classes for kids.

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