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Puddin Head
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Puddin Head

About 14 years ago a company called Deluxe Designs - Pages by Designs published a page layout book with a template system. I have the book, but not the templates and the company is now out of business. I could easily cut the papers for the layouts without the templates if I only had their dimensions.

Does anybody have the templates and can tell me what their sizes are? Thanks.

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  • bakw on 01-31-19 05:52 PM
In response to Puddin Head

Hi Susan,

I did a search and came up with a couple of sites you might want to check out if you can’t figure out the sizes you need. These are just the first few that came up so if you do a search you’ll probably find others.

The first two are from a store in Australia and the third, I believe, is Illinois. s-... s-... gn-scra...

Ebay also has the book with one template if you want to check it out:

I have cut some circles, squares and other shapes and used them to move around on a sheet of paper until I’ve found a design I like. I’ve also guessimated sizes on LOs and cut out shape with cheap paper to see if it’s about the size I want.

Hope this helps.
PS My spell check says guessimated is not a word but I think you get the idea.

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