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I'm looking for a printer that I can make 12x12 copies of 12x12 paper.
Sooo I need extra sheets of a particular page and I'm wondering if there is a home printer that will copy a page..and not necessarily print out a template.

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You are most likely better off taking your large scale printing needs to Kinko's for processing. Printers of this size are more for industrial printing which makes them VERY expensive to purchase for home use. Good luck!

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I love my wide format HP printer (mine is no longer sold) for printing my own backgrounds that I design. I buy lots and lots of paper...OK, I'm a paper hoarder...but I seldom use it for backgrounds since I like to make my own, but my printer doesn't scan in 12x12. I use the scan/stitch feature in my graphics program, but it's slow-going, so for what you want, I agree that using a copy service will not only be cheaper, but give better results. I know of one woman who has a large-size scanner, but she says it cost a lot and still doesn't have the good results that she was hoping for, so she usually uses a copy service.

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