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my computer that ran my cameo and did everything started dieng fom months. it was hard to turn on or it would not. it died. finally so dave had a tower sitting in the living room so my dd and boyfreind put it in and hooked it up for me. this past week it is hard to turn on some days it is a very very old computer too with windows 7. it does not show my total ancestry page which i use a lot.. I realized it would not be good for my cameo. we can not get it to print either. dave was going to buy me a new tower i told him I would wait cause a storm took down our awning on the back porch thankfully the insurance did pay itt they should so the contractor has been working on it. we are buying one but with this week
he has also been too sick too.
it has a virus that messes up some stuff. I really pray that this stays on till we get the new one

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