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Username Post: Help! Which Ink for Stamping On Black Paper?        (Topic#1676053)
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I really need your help!!! I do a lot of stamping on dark papers and am interested in your suggestions for a WHITE or possibly Silver ink pad that dries fast (I don't emboss and don't particularly care for the distressed look yet).

I attached a few products that I have been wondering about.
Please PM me with your suggestions.

Thanks so much for your help! - Glittery

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In response to Glittery

Due to the nature of the beast, you are best served by not having a white pad for this.
Instead, get a small tube of white acrylic paint and use a sponge to dab it over your stamp, straight from the tube. The paint should be a heavy body one (fairly stiff). Use a stamp positioner if needed so you can repeat. Wash stamp immediately after in warm soapy water.
All white pigment stamp pads tend to dry out, the bottles of ink tend to evaporate and dry too, unless you use them often. For any paints that just seem a bit slick for stamping, you can add a drop of compatible glue to make it stickier - do a test blob mix to check before using, as if you mix ones that are incompatible, they can turn into something resembling chewing gum!

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  • don1 on 06-14-19 04:59 PM
In response to createinspain

I like black paper for stamping. I use Versa Mark and dab mica powder on and wipe it off.

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In response to don1

I use white embossing on black paper. Nice sharp images.

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