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Username Post: Taking photos of your scrapbook pages        (Topic#1676159)
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How do you take pictures of your scrapbook pages to upload on scrapbook.com. My pictures are usually crooked or there is glare on the pictures or the page appears to be flat even though I use aloft of bling on most of my pages .

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In response to goaldriven1

I take mine outside on our deck. In the winter I set them on a cookie sheet. I use a regular camera and then crop/fix whatever in photoshop before posting.

Jenny from the Crop
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Jenny from the Crop
In response to mrsmiller

I just take them on my phone, use the photo editor that comes on my phone to crop them down to just the layout and then upload them to the site. Overhead lighting is not good, that's probably where your glare is coming from. I've found being in room with lots of natural light is good and I try to stand with the window behind me to diffuse the light so I don't have the glare. sometimes though I have to use overhead light because it's all I have so I hold up a piece of paper or something big enough to block the layout from direct light and that usually helps. also, don't use flash.

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In response to Jenny from the Crop

I use my phone to take my photos then use the photo editor that comes with icloud to crop close. Most editing programs have an way to align the photo, most times it is just a slight amount but it keeps the photo from looking crooked. I also adjust the light and sometimes the color of my pictures to closely resemble the layout IRL. It only take a minute to edit but makes a great difference when posting anywhere.
I have my photos printed on non-glare paper which helps and like Jenny said, lots of natural light.......usually on the floor in front of an outside door (if you have doors with full glass). Indoor lighting never works out for me but in a rare pinch I will use it.
Again, as has been said...no flash.

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