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Username Post: Trying to get back into scrapbooking        (Topic#1676343)
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After a several year break, I'm trying to get back into scrapping. I finally got my scrap table cleaned up, and I'm getting reacquainted with my supplies. I feel like it's all new papers and embellishments since I haven't used them in so long, which is nice. I've done two layouts so far and so happy to be getting back to it.

So, I see that things have changed a little since I was very into scrapping. I used to have my patterned paper sorted by manufacturer, but it seems that a lot of brands have changed and I'm no longer familiar with the different styles of papers anyway. Sorting my papers by color never worked for me, so I'm thinking about just mixing it up in a pretty random way, except maybe some themes like holidays or Disney.

Does anyone keep their papers unsorted? Are you happy with that? What are your favorite brands of patterned paper?

Also, if you have any scrapping blogs that you love to follow or scrapbooking YouTubers that you love, please let me know. I need to get inspired again. I love watching Shimelle Laine, but I'd love to find some others as well.

Any other tips or suggestions as I re-enter the world of scrapping would be appreciated as well!

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In response to aJerseyGirl

Jersey girl, I keep my papers sorted. By color, by manufacture/ in collections, paper pads are separate from loose sheets, solids separated from pattern paper.
I probably have a small pile or two of mixed papers here and there but for the most part I don't go thru them unless I REALLY get stuck on finding the paper I need.
I would spend way too much time looking for papers if I had to go thru all the loose sheets.
I feel I use a mixed bag of papers for some of my layouts while other layout are strictly from a single manufacture with scraps thrown in. Both ways work for me as long as I can easily find the color I want to use for a layout. Since I pick colors depending on what my photos are comprised of I guess storing by color works best for me.

I have not found many scrapbooking YouTube videos that I can watch all the way thru so I don't have any recommendations for you there. I often get ideas from Pintrest with a layout or sketch.

I find layouts here too but when they go in my favorites by date originally posted rather than the date I put them in my favorites, I quit using the favorites here...I can never find the layout again if the date is years old!!!

Good luck with your return to scrapping.
My fear is one day I won't want to scrap again!!

gluemore girl
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gluemore girl
In response to Sewflake

Hi Jersey Girl!
Welcome back to scrapping. I got a fresh take on my old supplies by watching Nicole Jones 911, RTS (Ready to Scrap) and scrappy nerd UK, all on you tube.
Nicole makes page kits which has transformed the way I look at my papers and approach scrapbooking.
RTS has some good design ideas for using up scraps and for general LO arrangements (happy horizontal, band, block, etc).
Scrappy Nerd uses mostly white card stock and lots of different techniques.
All three have been inspirational for me this past year.

I keep papers with manufacturer but not afraid to go sorting through to look for an outsider here and there.

Have fun and again, welcome back to the scrappy scene. Wishing you joy!

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In response to gluemore girl

Welcome back!!
I am so excited for you!!
I love the suggestions others have given.

My favorite papers are Prima, Graphic 45, Bo Bunny, Stamperia.
I sort by manufacture.

Most important, have fun!!!!

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In response to bonprof

Thank you for the responses! I've looked at all of your gallery posts and they are beautiful! So much inspiration right here!

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In response to aJerseyGirl

I put papers together in page kits, which helps me keep a handle on things. I store embellishments by type - but I have a tremendous amount of excess.

I'm beginning to think about the whole Swedish death cleaning thing in my scrap room. I'll never use it all, and I hate to leave it for my kids to figure out what to do with it.

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In response to aJerseyGirl

I sort patterned paper by theme or seasonlike fall for thankksgiving ^ hallosween....boy..girl..disnerybaby school. heritaGE MAN HERITAGE WOMAN BIRTHDAY TRAVELSPOPRTS GOLF PATRIOTIC LOVE COWGIRLi HAVE THESE NICE DRAWERS THAT i GHOT AT mICHAELS & WALMART CLEAR PLASTIC WHIT OPUTSIDE TGHAT HOLD 12 X12

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In response to anda11

So glad you're getting back into scrapping!

Sorting my pp's is one of my biggest challenges--I've not got that one figured out yet.
One of my favorite scrapping youtubers is Missy Whidden...she does a lot of mixed media scrapping and I'm not that good at it, lol...but she's very inspiring! Oh...and Niki Rowland also--LOVE her work and I've scraplifted a couple of her layouts

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  • don1 on 08-12-19 09:31 AM
In response to RhondaR

I sort my papers by size; 12X12, 8½X11, and scrap.
I also sort by printed and plain color.
I sort printed paper by "paper" or "cardstock".
I sort plain color cardstock and paper, by the Crayola 8 system.
Things do get a little fuzzy at times; is it green or blue? My shop my rules, it goes where I put it . . . this time.

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  • Mendy on 08-22-19 04:04 PM
In response to don1

I do not scrapbook as much as I use to but need to start. Kind of lost my inspiration when I lost my youngest son. So hard to scrapbook when I have no more pics of his life. But I am still living life. I did make scrapbooks for my boss for her 3 daughters and had a blast doing it. I do paper, digital, and hybrid scrapbooking and love it. I make cards more right now until I can get back into scrapbooking but I do have a blast making cards. I also sew and have a Cricut and make shirts etc. The girls at work keep me busy most of the time making things for them. I am OCD and have my stuff pretty organized but my papers not so much. I have them my 12 x 12 and 8.5 x 11 and smaller. My 6 x 6 pads for cards are by manufacturer but the other by patterned and solid. I used to do it by stars, stripes, flower etc but then sold Stampin Up for a while and didn't want to seperate so kept those together. I have my scraps in plastic zip bags by color and find I use them more that way. I get alot of inspiration from Jennifer McGuire but she makes cards and not scrapbooks. Hmmm, I just might try to scrapbook a page this weekend.

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