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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

At first I was really upset. That's CoverGirl Outlast all day lipstick and waterproof mascara on her face and in her hair. Then I decided to snap some mug shots. I chose this paper to be like prison bars. I kept this layout very simple and kept very straight and severe lines on purpose so it would look cold and jail-like.

I made the mug-shot signs in photoshop and printed them right onto the photos.

Hope you get a chuckle like I do every time I look at this!

Journaling Reads:
Police Blotter: Clearfield, Utah - 17 july, 2007 - 11:36 am
Suspect waited until her mother was on a business call and snuck into the bathroom to retrieve said mother's makeup case. Suspect then proceeded to smear blush as well as waterproof mascara and lipstick all over her face, hair and clothing. Suspect also destroyed make-up components due to cross contamination by placing wands into inappropriate containers, ie: the lipstick into the mascara container and vice-versa. Suspect is 29 months old, has red hair and shifty blue eyes and answers to the name Ella, but has also been known to operate under the alias "Little Chicken". Use caution when approaching, suspect may be armed with various make-up supplies and is considered glammed and dangerous.