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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Titled: Kindness Counts. Two separate stories involving three ladies that I greatly admire. These colors are fairly unusual for me, it's so rare that I use pastel colors.

Story #1: In Sunday School one day, Flora Zell told about being in the grocery store one day. She said she heard a beautiful voice singing "Farther Along" on another aisle. She followed the voice and when she found the lady, she asked what church she went to. The lady told her, and She said, "I can play for you--in any key you want!" They just laughed and went on their way.
*A few days after hearing this story, I was at a Stagecoach Community Theatre Board meeting when Patti Bloom started talking about this lady she met in the grocery store. It was so strange, that I knew it had to be Flora Zell!
*So after a few phone calls, we arranged for Patti to come to our church and sing, much to Flora Zell's surprise, while she played. It was so awesome to see how God works in our lives to bring us together.
*Patti even got a chance to talk about the ministry that her and her husband Stanley have to share God's Word through music.

Story #2: One of my closest friends, Orbie Watson, has a grandson, Andrew, that is in the Army and has recently graduated from Basic Training. She and Andrew's mother Julie, who lives in California with her husband Sam and two daughters, met in Texas and then flew to South Carolina to Andrew's graduation.
*After the returned Orbie's daughter, Cristin, and our mutual friend, Tina and I received an e-mail from Julie asking for our help. Andrew wanted to buy his Grandma a new stove. Her oven wasn't working, and recently her washing machine had gone out too. So Julie, and her husband Sam, decided they would get her a new washer and dryer.
*It took a number of e-mails, and phone calls, but Julie got the appliances delivered just a week before Orbie's birthday. Her son-in-law, Darrell stayed at her house so the appliances could be delivered, while the rest of us met for lunch. Orbie told me later, that she was so blessed!