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This layout was sooooo tough for of those super important and special ones that I wanted to be perfect, so it never seemed to come out right. I am not wild about the pic of me just after giving birth, but it's all about the memories right? and preserving that moment? So, the pic is on there. Thought I'd camouflage it with some others too. lol the layout idea came from website. Loved that collage look. I was so excited to figure out how to fit my text onto the lines of the notebook paper. Figured out by accident that I could adjust the spacing in the character palette in photoshop. yay! problem solved!

It is amazing how many things can change in one single moment. On May 19, 2005 at 7:42 pm, I became a mother for the first time. After all those months of waiting, I was finally able to see my baby boy for the first time. Seeing his face was the one thing that helped me through the grueling labor. That was my one focus, my light at the end of the tunnel. Childbirth was my first major lesson in letting go. Being the planner that I am, I had a plan for my labor. My plan did not work out like I had hoped, and being that I had no “plan B” I had to let go and “wing it.” Little did I know at the time, that is what parenting is all about. No matter how many books you read and how much you try to prepare, you really do learn as you go. My whole life changed during that one moment. Suddenly I was not just living for myself anymore, I was living for someone else.
The first six months of motherhood were
pretty overwhelming, but I wouldn’t trade
them for anything. I now have a whole new
perspective and patience I never knew existed.

Background Paper (recolored and lightened) - Shabby Princess Festival Kit (
Frames – Stacked Vintage Photo Frames by Katie Pertiet (
Chipboard Tab – Shining Star Mini Scraps Kit by Melany Violette (
Paper Clip and Staples – Mia’s Room Kit by Shabby Miss Jen (
Heart with Pin – Quote Freebie 1/14/07 by Pattie Knox (
Notebook Paper - Andrea Victoria Ad Challenge Freebie 11/4/07 (
Fonts – P22 Corinthia, Lamar Pen, Perpetua, and Pea Alisha