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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

The story of my friendship with my neighbor's son, Hunter.
Hunter is the son of Renee and Dan - our neighbors and friends. Over the past five years of living here in Michigan, weve grown a wonderful friendship with Renee, Dan, and Hunter. I adore them all greatly and am so thankful for our friendship.
My friendship with Hunter really blossomed last summer (2006). Hunter would have Renee call me and ask if he could come over and play with Abby. I always enjoyed his company and Abby adores him tremendously! Hed also come over and help me in my garden, eating the green beans and pulling carrots. Then he started to bring his bike so he could ride up and down my driveway. Next thing I know we became the best of fishing buddies.
This summer (2007) Renee had Hunter start asking me himself if he could come over. I still get a chuckle at the story Renee told me when Hunter called for the first time. I had left my cell phone in the house and David answered it. Hunter froze, not expecting David to answer, and handed the phone back over to his mom. Renee also jokes that Hunter has become my neighbor watchperson. He keeps an eye out for when I get home and as soon as he sees me out in the barn or garden, hes asking his mom if he can call me.
Now, Im waiting for the snow to fall so my sledding buddy and I can go have some fun!