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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Created for the June 2008 Scrap Pack Challenge:

Everything in the scrap pack was used except for a small piece of ribbon, one time card and some of the lined paper.
(2) large stationary paper clips - one on the photo, one on the lined yellow paper
(1) clear index tab - placed on the negative strip
(1) film negative strip - placed below the photo
(2) time card slips - one used to the left of the photo
(1) Columnar ruled pad sheet - placed underneath the photo
(15") aluminum chain - placed on the lower left and leads to the photo
(12") red satin ribbon - used below the negative strip
(12") striped ribbon - placed under the title strips
(3) star sequins - used on the A's in the LA LA LA
(1) star stud - placed in the lower left corner
(4) mini square brads - used to hold on the title strips

The LA LA LA's are handcut, star punched and have doodling around the edges.... this is where the star sequins were used. The brads were used on the title strips which are handwritten and inked. The time card was also distressed using ink and sandpaper and shows some of my "Job Descriptions" and the amount owed at the bottom. Here are a few of the jobs:
Hair Dresser
etc, etc, etc

I placed the chain at the bottom left and attached it to the photo to symbolize how I feel chained down at times.... the star stud is placed next to it. The yellow lined paper has also been distressed with tearing, ink and sandpaper and provides some of the things that are repeated over and over again each day:
Kid: Can I go to Timmy's?
Me: Shut the door!
Kid: Do I have to clean my room?
Me: What do you think?
Kid: ***** 's being bossy!
Me: Get away from her.
Kid: I can't eat that!
Me: Too bad, so sad.
Kid: Can I have some money?
Me: Do I look like an ATM?
Kid: Where's my clothes?
Me: Wherever you put them!

The photo was actually taken specifically for this challenge. It was very hard not to crack up since my dh was the enthusiastic photographer who kept telling me to "work it baby". I used paint and sandpaper on the photo to give it the "I'm so stressed" feeling. But the negative strip states "Mom's Angels" and has a sepia photo of my beautiful children.

I hope you have enjoyed my little rant......

***** all names have been stared to protect the GUILTY!