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Another MMM entry. These are photos from our trip to Zanzibar. 12x15 lo. Thanks for looking!
- I made the fringe by wrapping floss around ¾” wide strip of cardboard. A line of glue was applied along one side. Floss was cut next to the line of glue, creating fringe.
- “Fringed pillows” were created as follows. African prints were scanned into my computer then printed onto photo paper. The paper was then cut into squares and outlined with ribbon and fringe. For dimension, the pillow was covered in Diamond Glaze.
- The “Z” in the journaling box was cut out of chipboard then topped with a piece of the African print. The top was covered with Diamond Glaze for shine and dimension then edged with the dimensional glitter glue.
- The background paper was created by pouncing (with a stipple brush) gold glitter glue and red paint on dark blue cardstock.
“The Tower Top restaurant atop the Emerson &amp; Green hotel is in the heart of Stone Town, Zanzibar. Once the home of the “Bismarck” of the Swahili Empire, it is the second tallest building in town. One story claims that this building was where British authorities paid Arab slave owners to free their slaves.
Our own experience there included lounging among brightly colored, fringed pillows, dining on exotic local cuisine heavily influenced by myriad cultures including Arab, Portuguese, British, Chinese, African and Indian flavors and enjoying lively, ethnic music and dance. Truls, never the shy one when it comes to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, bounced and boogied to the Arab beat. Truly a memorable evening!”