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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I had to make a page about the tunes, talk, and style!

The journaling in the Tunes section lists some of the songs I played as I drove the car home from the dealership:
Basket Case-Green Day
Iím Standing in the Way-Anthony Steward Head (Giles!)
Burnout-Green Day
Longview-Green Day
Dancing with Myself-Generation X
Mrs. Robinson-Simon and Garfunkel
Jailhouse Rock-Elvis Presley
Solsbury Hill-Peter Gabriel
Holiday-Green Day
Faint-Linkin Park
Pinch Me-Barenaked Ladies
As a Yank buying a Brit car, I initiated my MINI with Green Day, American punk in a Brit vein. And since the car is Giles, I had to play Gilesí song from the BtVS Once More With Feeling soundtrack. The weird thing isÖI donít think Giles likes my taste in music. I swear my little British car likes the grand operatic sound of Meatloafís Iíd Do Anything for Love (But I Wonít Do That)! Big music for a little car. And I still prefer my punk.

The journaling in the Talk section is a bunch of British words with definitions. I highlighted in blue all words that were specifically car-related:
Ace-brilliant Aerial-car antenna Afters-dessert Aggro-trouble All Right?-hello, how are you? Arse-ass Barmy-crazy Banger-an old car or hoop die Belt Up-shut up Blower-telephone Boffin-nerd Bonce-your head Bonnet-car hood Boot-car trunk Bottle-courage Brassed Off-pissed off Butty-sandwich Cack-Handed-clumsy Car Park-parking lot Central Reservation-median Chips-Fries Chuffed-pleased Cock Up-mistake Diversion-detour Flat-apartment Flyover-overpass Garden-yard Gearstick-stick shift Give it Welly-trying harder Grockles-tourists Hooter-car horn Jam Sandwich-police car Jammy-lucky Jersey-sweater Jolly-very Loo-bathroom Lounge-living room Lorry-Truck Mileometer-odometer Motorway-freeway Namby Pamby-wimpy Paraffin-kerosene Pavement-sidewalk Petrol-gasoline Posty-mailman Power Point-electrical socket Potty-a little crazy Prang-dent Quite-absolutely Row-argument Scrummy-delicious Skive-evade something Slip Road-entry or exit ramp Sod All-nothing Spanner-wrench Splash Out-spend too much money Sprog-baby Stonker-huge Tailback-bumper to bumper traffic Telly-television Tick Over-idling Tickety-boo-going very well Toff-well spoken, upper class To Let-for rent Ton-100 mpg Transport Cafť (caff)- truck stop Verge-road shoulder White Goods-appliances Wing-car fender Winker-car turn signal Yank-American You Lot-you guys

The style section doesn't have any journaling, unless you count the word &quot;MINI&quot; on my shirt. The word and the shirt are the same color, so it doesn't show up well in this photo.

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