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I couldn't have gotten my MINI without my darling SO, Bill.

Journaling reads:
My sweet Bill. Without him, I wouldn’t have, couldn’t have gotten my MINI. He’s more than just supportive; he’s been an active contributor to my ongoing fascination with MINI Coopers.
(I don’t think you can keep a car guy from contributing to someone else’s car fascination!)

Ways that Bill helped make Giles happen:
1. He's the consummate gear head, so he knew all about MINI Coopers before I had ever heard of them. By the time I discovered them, he knew all the details of the car both classic and modern.
2. He's an Anglophile, just like me. We both gravitate towards things British (comedy, music, slang, etc.) so we both know just how retro funky cool MINIs are.
3. He told me again and again, whenever I needed reassurance, that it would be okay to get a MINI. I worried about MINI quality, adn the nearest maintenance is at least 2 hours away, which is scary to say the least. But he kept reassuring me that everything will be fine. I trust his car-guy judgement, and besides, he knows he'll have to help if something goes wrong.
4. He dug through years of Car and Driver to find all of the issues with MINI articles. Those articles, particularly the long-term, multi-user test drive review, were most encouraging.
5. he helped me spec out my MINI. We did the online specifications together, and he insisted on three things for my safety, and suggested three more to help protect Giles. For me, he insisted on the S model, the Dynamic Stability Control, and the Limited Slip Differential. To help keep Giles in good shape, he suggested, and I included, the bumper guard and upper and lower Invisishield Kits. Because of Bill, my MINI is a race car!
6. He managed to get a few days off of work (no easy feat!) to come with me to Indianapolis to get my MINI. I don't know how I would have gotten there without him!
7. He loves and supports me. It wasn't an easy decision or process, and he helped keep me sane, just by being himself. He's my sweetie and I love him.

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