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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer


This was for the DECATHLON CHALLENGE WEEK 2 - &quot;IT'S JUST A GAME&quot;. Thank you to all who voted!

Journaling -
Dublin sits below you waiting for a drop, a crumb, any tiny little morsel will do. You sit
above using your pointer and thumb to carefully pick up each bite. Much to her delight you
are new to the art of fine dining and drop lots of food! She sits patiently beneath you
waiting for a taste. As I sit and watch you feed yourself, I begin to wonder if you and
your Pup are on the same team. Is it coincidence that every few bites you seem to stretch
your little arm out and drop a bite to your furry friend? Is it by chance that you smash
your hands on your tray and wave them back and forth flinging your food onto the floor
below, giving your pal a rainstorm of little treats? Are you feeding her to thank her for
protecting us? Are you trying to beef her up for the Doggy Olympics? Maybe someday I
will know the answer to these question. Until then, your faithful friend will remain under
your high chair for breakfast, lunch and dinner, just waiting for her next bite! Sept. 2005

Products -
WA papers
MM Foam stamps
MM Staples
Lil Davis Letter &quot;W&quot; and &quot;G&quot;
Offray Ribbon
Black gel pen - around the small pic the words &quot;TICK-TOCK&quot; are written
Brown Ink
Machine stitching with brown thread

Thanks for looking!