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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I wrote this out for my husbands birthday last year. He had turned 30. It reads: 30 reasons why I love my hubby: 1: your heart 2: your embrace 3: your kiss 4: the way you make me feel special 5: your youthful heart 6: your appreciation of me 7: you lack of sports interest 8: your love of music 9: your willingness to play games with me 10: your love of cats 11: your love of Muppets 12: your smile 13: the way you lift me up when I am down 14: your love of disney 15: the way you look into my eyes 16: you put up with me 17: your appreciation of my cooking 18: when you play piano for me 19: the way you compliment me 20: when you give me back rubs 21: the way you help me when I ask 22: the way you look after me when I don't feel well 23: the way you dry my tears when i am sad 24: your inner beauty 25: the way we wrestle 26: the way you let me tickle you 27: you are the best 28: how you take bubble baths with me 29: how you cuddle me 30: too many thinggs I love about you that I can't fit into 30 thins I love you
Oct 15th 2007
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