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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling: When you are only 11 months old your world isnít all that big. In fact you make new discoveries each day. Iím sure that you noticed mommy opening and closing cupboard doors one day as I was fixing dinner. At this time, you were still limited to crawling, but you were pretty good a pulling yourself up with furniture and standing while holding on. You were probably waiting for just the right moment to try to open the cupboard door yourself. You crawled over to the cupboard and experimented with it until you got both doors open. Then to my surprise you climbed inside. Once inside the cupboard you found a treasure trove full of shiny pots and pans. Of course, I was watching you the whole time. I really enjoy standing back and waiting to see what will happen and to allow you the space to explore your world. I was so impressed that you managed to get inside all by yourself so I and hurried and grabbed the camera. This was the first time that you climbed in the cupboard and shortly after we had to baby-proof them. Now, if only you could figure out how to get down?? 16 June 2005

Products Used:
Bazzill Cardstock
Chatterbox pp
American Craft stickers
Provo craft vellum
MM brads
Chatterbox fibers and ribbon (thanks Heather!)
MM magnetic stamps
MM Rubons