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Okay, I know this isn't the best pic, but it was an old polariod, but I really wanted to scrap it. It's kinda blurry but that's the best I could get it to scan! I named it "Jenna's Choice of Potty Training Reading Material". I did lot's of stamping on it.

The journaling is in the little hidden book and says: When we were potty training Jenna, I would often go in the bathroom and see her sitting on her potty chair with the newspaper or the "Enquirer" spread out in front of her! It was the funniest thing. I noticed she was quiet on this particular day and went to find her, and there she was sitting on the potty with the Enquirer all spread out! She still had her diaper on, I guess she was just catching up on the latest Hollywood gossip! 1987

Thanks so much for looking! :wink: