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I have tried SO many times to get a photo of my daughter making her famous "Stink Eye" face & always miss it, was excited to finally catch it! TFL!

Journaling reads:

Everyone has his or her own special skill. However, for most people, it is a craft or talent that is useful to them or others in some way. It usually brings pleasure or guidance to those who see or touch or are helped along in life by said skill.

Not yours. Yours is a fine art that you started mastering shortly after you turned one and have now more than perfected at the age of two. Aunt Lisa coined the appropriate title for your special skill, stink eye. Ok, I admit, it does bring us a tad bit of pleasure, but it really shouldn’t.

Now don’t get me wrong, every girl has a dirty look. But, not every girl has practiced it repeatedly for others and for herself in the mirror. Stink eye steps to be followed closely are as follows:
1. Squint eyes, being careful to close one eye slightly more than the other
2. Turn chin down toward chest
3. Angle chin slightly outward and in opposite direction of the eye that is closed more
4. Look upwards and hold stare with deserving
recipient, DO NOT LAUGH!