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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

This was for Scraptathlon week #4.
This week, your challenge is to create a LO about CHANGE. Ordinarily I don't put limitations on challenges, but there are a few this week:

1. Your LO MUST be on a POSITIVE note. No whiny, sad, depressing, have a good cry content this week.
2. Your LO MUST contain a reference to our 44th President, Barack Obama - whether it is a quote, a LO about him and the Change he brings to this country, his name in your journaling, etc... even how he inspired you to change for the better, or an open letter to him - it's all good, but, I gotta see me some Barack in the LO.
3. As Barack says, we are not red states and blue states, WE ARE THE UNITED STATES. To that end... when you mix red and blue you get---
PURPLE! -- Purple MUST figure prominently in your color scheme.
4. Everything else is fair game - digi or paper, 8x8" or larger, 1 page or 2...
I chose this title because President Obama signs his book with his signature and "Dream Big Dreams" when children ask him for a signature. I think it's a great and powerful message to give to them. Next to the b/w photo of Barack Obama, is hidden journaling. I wrote about my experiences with the election, as well as why I voted for President Obama. Thanks for looking!