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This is a pretty simple design, because it's mostly about the journaling and my encounter with Megan at a CKC convention in St.Louis. She made my weekend!!! "She read my mind and I met Megan at the CK Scrapbook Convention
during my birthday weekend in St. Louis.

She was teaching our 3rd and final class for the day.
I was a little drained, but always open to inspiration
and Megan provided it in a BIG WAY!
She read my mind.

First, she asked if anyone ever does layouts about themselves.
ummm… (raising my hand), right here; maybe too much.
Next, she asked if anyone does layouts about change.

She mentioned the therapeutic benefits of
scrapping & journaling . Ummm… hello again….
me here! I journal & incorporate most of it into
my layouts so often, that I recently created daily
journaling prompts & tidbits of inspiration for my new
recently transplanted to St. Louis friends.

We’ve moved mainly due to work,
but the more we share and open up, the more
we see how much we’re alike and have grown to create
our own new supportive community! It’s so rewarding.
So yes, I’ve come to realize this as the biggest personal
benefit to my scrapbooking.

Then she asked if anyone ever
takes pictures of their food for a layout
like,The Best Mac & Cheese.”
OK. She is so reading my mind that I
MUST beon candid camera here!

I just blew up 5 photos of my spaghetti
& meatballs; cappuccino & biscotti;
pumpkin soup; & the Melting Pot’s
Ying and Yang dessert to frame
gallery style in my new kitchen!!

As I looked around the room,
I was so thankful for my friend Irene
to be with me and witness this miracle.

Megan read my mind!