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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

It's Friday, time for another heritage page. I was asked to challenge our group today. I decided to challenge the ladies to scrap a childhood memory, or memories, or event WITHOUT a photo. We all have memories of childhood that we don't have photos to back up, so this was really fun to do. I decided to pull out my Cricut and scrap my top 4 fave childhood television shows. My 8-year old cut out all my Cricut cuts on this one. We had fun working together on it. Here's my journaling: "1. I wanted to look like Barbara Eden in her genie costume. I thought astronauts were interesting and so mysterious. I dreamed and wished that I could blink my eyes and get anything I waned. I was so excited when Tony and Jeannie finally got married. This was one of my very favorite shows. 2. Hello Charlie! Charlie's Angels - just when I was turning into a teen, this show started. I loved the opening and closing of the show when the angels would talk to Charlie. He had such a sexy voice. I secretly wished my hair looked like Farrah but then about every girl I knew attempted her hairstyle. Kate Jackson was smart, but Jaclyn Smith was my favorite angel. 3. Gomer Pyle made me laugh, plus it was so special because Dad would sit on the couch and watch this silly show with me. 4. A single twitch of her nose and Samantha could do anything. I stood at a mirror on many occasion and tried to twitch my nose. I loved Samantha but I thought Darren was such a jerk. What a fun show!"