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This is the AC/DC scrapbook I made for JD on his 30th birthday. We went to see them last December and even though we couldn't get tickets here in Denver we were able to get tickets to the show... in Phoenix Arizona! We spent a small fortune on the entire trip between tickets, airfare, hotel, car, and general expenses on a 2 day trip - but it was TOTALLY worth it!

JD turned 30 this year and for a few months leading up to it he was pretty mopy and felt like "Life was over - it's all going to end when I hit 30" so I wanted to show him that if these old guys can still do what they do at 50 and 60 there's no reason for him to be depressed over 30. Unfortunately this book is kindof a hodgepodge of leftover scraps and materials that I had lying around the house... so it looks a little uncoordinated.