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We're Celebrating World Card Making Day ALL WEEK LONG!
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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is an app on facebook where you can add bumper stickers to your profile and you can send them to your friends and receive them from your friends. So the 1st page (left) is of bumper stickers I picked out and the right page are bumper stickers from friends.
Left Page reads:
lesbian rights
support love
Marriage is a human right NOT a heterosexual priviledge.
Focus on your own dam*n family.
So there's this cutie and i gotta admit she's got my attention. bottom line....if she wants me...I'm all hers.
you make me smile :)

I scrapbook
I {heart} my crazy goofy stupid gorgeous weird lame socially challenges friends.
I love people who give me Big Hugs!

About my crush:
sweet, funny, caring, kind
When I first met you I never imagined that i would have such strong feelings for you. I never would have thought that i would have dreams about you or miss being by your side or get butterflies in my stomach when someone mentions your name. when i first met you i never would've thought that i would love you.
you always want what you can't have.
TAKE A CHANCE because you never know how perfect something can turn out to be.
Sad thing is, you can still love someone, and be wrong for them. -Elvis Presley
i don't know where i stand with you and i don't know what i mean to you all i know is everytime i think of you all i wanna do is be with you.
you want the truth? well, here it is....i can't stop thinking of you.
don't fall for someone unless they're willing to catch you.

Right Page:
i make things.
it's funny how one group of people can change your life forever.
in three words i can sum up everything i've learned about life: It GOES ON. -Robert Frost
Asante Sana Squash Banana!
I {heart} DUKE.
Bourbon St.
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make you think you are whispering when you are not.
there are two absolutes in life: friends and vodka. and the best memories usually invove both.
Dear 3 AM, We have got to stop meeting this way. I'd much rather sleep with you. Love, ME.
True friendship isn't being inseperable, it's being seperated and nothing changes.
i'm not so good with the advice...can i interest you in a SARCASTIC COMMENT?
TRUE LIFE....I have a sweet ass.
Procrastinators unite....tomorrow.
All the cool kids hang out in the library.
Warning Indecisive
Mondays Suck
Hii, I love you
sometimes you just need to be with the person who makes you smile even if it means waiting.
your bumper stickers always make me happy!
Have I made your day yet?
I {heart} Megan.
There's a little truth behind every 'just kidding,' a little curiosity behind every 'just wondering,' a little knowledge behind every 'i don't know,' and a little emotion behind every 'i don't care.'
Thank you for making my day an awful lot better!
You're my best friend. and that means no matter how far away you are, or how late in the night it is, when you need me, I promise I'll always be there.
Side by side or miles apart friends are forever close to your heart.
Hakuna Matata
I {heart} u
heyyy best friend....i love you....okay...that's all.