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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Guess what?? I finished my friend Nini's Disney album on Saturday! Let's hear a "WooHoo!" In celebration of this accomplishment, I decided to reward myself by doing a dog layout. You all know that dog pages are my favorite thing to do!

This cute puppy is Marty McFly. I took this photo of him when he was about two months old. I have posted a few other LOs featuring him. Marty, the Jack Russell/Rat Terrier/Bull Terrier TERROR, belongs to my friends Lin and John. He is a Character with a capitol "C"!

Marty loves to hunt lizards and all manner of creepy-crawly things. In early November, Lin was out enjoying a warm fall day, reading in her favorite chaise lounge. Marty was busy on the rock wall, chasing lizards darting in and out of the crevices. Then Lin looked up and spotted a baby rattlesnake sunning itself on a rock. Unfortunately, Marty saw it too. Lin yelled, "Marty, NO!" but it was too late. The rattler bit Marty on the cheek. Lin rushed Marty to the vet which was a 25 minute drive. She watched in horror as his face began to swell and his breathing grew labored.

Miraculously, Marty survived that attack and has now been immunized (a very inexpensive thing to do BEFORE a snake bite, but very expensive AFTER a snake bite!). It was a scary 48 hours, and Lin is sure that it was her prayers and the grace of God that saved Marty's life that day. She had just recently lost her precious mother and did not want to grieve her dog too. Bless her heart.

Marty continues to hunt lizards and torment O'nge Kitty, the family cat, and I hope he's learned his lesson about hunting "the big lizards"!

This is for Jaime's Make Your TITLE Work Challenge for March. I did several things to make the title more dimensional and interesting. I matted "GUARD" and then used a white Signo pen to highlight the bite marks and add some doodles. I also matted "PUPPY" and the "BEWARE" sign. I sanded the edges of the tag and wrote the word "Cute" on it with the Signo pen and also added a little paw.

I am also submitting this for Krista's Scrap Your Pet challenge (March).

Thanks for looking!