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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my response to fuchsboi/Brian's challenge for Scrap Happenzz Critique Group to scrap our theme songs. This is also a lift of Michelle Engel's "My Joy" from Scraptivity's 1/06 Notions newsletter.

It took me a while to figure out which song I'd choose, I have so many theme songs. Then I realized this song was staring me straight in the face from down in my own siggy line...

Journaling: "When asked to pick one theme song, I looked back on many other songs that have been my anthems for assorted moods, eras & feelings. And I choose U2's 'Beautiful Day.' Because it sums up really all I try to do in this world, everyday, just savor the beauty of the present. I think that's all we can do. This photo was taken while on a joyous family cruise in 4/2010 (speedboating in Cozumel w/ Greg) but ANY day can be lovely. There are millions of quiet & fulfilling moments to cherish every day. Life is amazing, beautiful & wondrous, let's relish every little bit of it while we're still around & alive in this world. And musically, this is as close to a perfect pop song as one can get, by a band I've loved since the early 80s. Love it, & usually try to live it.... (written 5/2010). :)"

The trim on the bottom is a holographic silver, which is shinier IRL (it's particularly special to me 'cause I bought it at a craft store in the Philippines). I almost printed the song lyrics in grey for a cool transparent look but thought it best that they be easily legible.

This was a fun challenge as I probably wouldn't have scrapped this otherwise. Thanks, Brian!

TFL :)