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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This was done for Scraptathlon-CHALLENGE #7 -
Here's the challenge description:

As You Wish - The Princess Bride / Pyogenesis
While there isn't a song called As You Wish in the BEST. MOVIE. EVER, there is a concept that I just love.
That day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying "As you wish", what he meant was, "I love you."
This week, I want to know how YOU and those you love say I Love You. -- Do you say it "Olive Juice?", Do you not say the words ever? Do you say it through baking? Letters? Artwork on the fridge? Show us all the love this week.

P.S. Next week marks the 8th challenge of the 8th Scraptathlon... what do you think NEXT week's challenge will be about?
My journaling was too long to put on the front so I put it in a cute little envelope on the back.
Journaling reads:
These pictures of you and me have always been some of my favorites. I remember these moments so vividly!
These pictures have extra special meaning to me with this layout. This page is about love and how you express or show love.
When I took these pictures back in December of 2000, I was trying to take a photo of us to put in our Christmas cards. What was funny back then was that every time I leaned in toward you to take the picture, you didn't pay attention to the camera. You would lean your head against mine and say, "Kiss, Mommy!" or "Love you, Mommy!" I finally gave up trying to get the "perfectly posed picture" and instead I happily continued to snap candid shots of the two of us. When I look at the picture of you with your nose pressed against my cheek ready to give me a kiss, I can see the happiness in my eyes and smile! I hope you see it too! I love being your mom!
Why do these pictures have even more of a special meaning to me now (in 2010 while doing this layout)? Because even though these pictures are from almost 10 years ago (and now you are a handsome 11 year old, ready to start junior high this fall), we STILL have these kinds of moments. When I lean in toward you, you lean back. When I hug you, you hug back. When you're in the middle of telling a story and I put my hand on your cheek, you lean into it without missing a word to your story or without even thinking about it, really. I hope that it will always be this way with us! I hope you always know that if, now or as a teen or as an adult, you ever need to lean on me-I will be right there, ready to lean back!
I LOVE YOU! You are my sunshine!
Thanks for looking~