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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Sometimes, we must submit to the fact that we do not have it all figured out. Sometimes, the perception of our surroundings and circumstances create an altered perception of reality. Sometimes, simply knowing that the determining factor of “truth” is not whether or not we believe. Some things are true whether one believes them or not. Sometimes, finding the balance between reality and what our hearts and minds have been conditioned to can be nearly impossible. Sometimes, the answer is right there... residing purely and beautifully in our hearts. More times than not, that answer comes down to one emotion. Love. Love is powerful. It is controlling. It is consuming. It is pure. Sometimes, somehow, the journey it sets out on everyday... from one heart to another... it gets distorted and taxed, and sometimes knocked right out of the race. Sometimes, by the time it fights it’s way through all of the corrosion and mangled mess of corruption that lines our hearts and is actually released, it doesn’t look anything like what it started out as. Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves that the way we receive love is not always recognizable to someone else. Sometimes, our own personal “version” of love is simply a necessary evil that allows us to cope with our experiences for a time and gets us through to the next day. Sometimes, these necessary evils become so vast and so beautifully disguised that they become our default. Sometimes, we get the privilege of having the prison we’ve created for ourselves cave in on us, leaving us completely exposed. Sometimes, it is in this state of shambles we find ourselves in that allows a direct path for love to set out on it’s journey with no obstacles in its way. Sometimes, it is in that same state of shambles that we actually *feel* that love as it passes through our hearts. Sometimes, that single moment can suddenly become our whole reason for living. Sometimes, it is so powerful that it stands up and demands a release of anything we have held onto that has obstructed its path. Sometimes, that single release can change our lives. Sometimes, we can’t wait for the next cycle, just to see what we learn next.

layout credits...
-magazine stand 2 template by taylormade designs (oscraps)
-papers + blocked clipping mask from A Beautiful Mess collab kit by taylormade designs + emily powers (oscraps)
-drink ring from Stains & Splatter brushes by Redju Designs