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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Hello all,
Yep you know it....I just can't seem to post as much this time of year...with gardening, school projects and all the other goodies I have going on......which at this point is toooooo much!!! This week brings you the SOUS using one of Suepup's sketches....some Amazing sketches she has. be sure to check out her blog . Every other week SOUS has a new sketch and a challenge so be sure to join us. Then every other week we have a tutorial on some amazing ideas and sure to check them out. I like to hang pictures up on the wall and thought I should do a 12x12 layout on a canvas, so I did....and since this week was the beginning of week 1 at Christy Tomlinson's She Art class. I thought well yeah perfect timing......a wonderful class a must!!!!
Having all that inspiration running through I have put together a small tutorial to get you started on making 12x12 canvas layouts and then you can hang them or gift them. Fun and so!! You know I like texture and these are perfect for that. Not to mention painterly fun!!!!
So get those paints out and have a great time!!! Hope you have a super day! Cyber Hugs, Dawn
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