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Eye Surgery

Journaling Left page:
Pyogenic Granuloma was what the doctor called it. You had a pimple or a sty that just wouldn’t go away and it turned into an infected mass on your right eyelid. Dr Gail referred us to Dr Perry the Chief of Plastic Surgery for Children’s Hospital. Dr. Perry after examining you told us that you needed 2 surgeries to fix your eye. He would remove the infection and skin graft the area with skin from behind your ear. He told us that he would sew your eye shut and sew a bandage over the skin graft, which we called the caterpillar. After 5 days the eye would be opened and the caterpillar removed. We went to the hospital for the 1st surgery, you had fun playing with the play station and talking to the nurses. You went willingly with the OR staff when they told you they were going to put a mask on you like a spaceman. After what seemed like days to Mommy the surgery was over. You were very groggy from the anesthetic and wheeled into recovery. After about an hour in recovery we were able to take you home. You took everything very well. Friday morning was the next surgery by then you felt like you owned the place. You gave the staff a hard time. When it came time to go to surgery you weren’t falling for the spaceman’s mask story this time. They gave you a liquid sedative, which took a little while to work. You acted drunk. When Dr Perry removed the dressing he found that the graft needed more time to heal so he put a new dressing on, he did however remove the stitch sewing your eye shut. The surgery was much shorter this time so it didn’t seem like the anesthetic lasted very long. It was tough getting you to leave the hospital. You threw several temper tantrums and your eye started to bleed so we had to go back to the surgical floor, they were not happy to see us. Daddy had to carry you to the car kicking and screaming. On Monday we were back for yet another surgery, temper tantrum after the surgery and an all round horrible day, but except for the follow-ups we were done. Your eye looked pretty good. A year later you can still tell where the graft is but it isn’t that bad. Hopefully this will get better as your eyes are your best feature.

Journaling Right page:

1. Pyogenic Granuloma
2. Caterpillar
3. Skin Graft
4. Skin Graft one year later

Supplies used
KI Cardstock and patterned paper
White card stock-unknown
Chipboard Little Davis
Making Memories- Brads, Eyelet letters, rub ons and tag maker frames
Sizzix -Wet Paint dies